Friday, January 18, 2008

Another Post

"Art is the child of whom we trace the features of the mother's face." - Longfellow

I am stealing this quote from The Mincing Mockingbird, a very funny blog. I'm working on landscapes right now and thought it was especially appropriate. The above image is a recent painting of me, many years ago walking on the Columbian Icefields in Alberta. I haven't been there in 21 years, but my interest in digging up the old photo this painting is based on, was peaked after seeing the icefields in Al Gore's slide show in An Inconvenient Truth. This baby is melting fast.
I'm off to seal myself in my studio to create, get moving on projects and ignore my friend 'Inertia' who has been magically appearing these days. I'll resurface on Tuesday.

To ponder: Art or OCD craft? you decide. The intricately beaded world of Liza Lou. Click on the picture for more details.

Drive an old beater? Here's some ideas to spruce it up. I'm liking the Pez car, but the gothic gal in me is leaning on the creepy doll car.


andrea said...

The painting has a lovely, lonely feel to it but that beaded kitchen just scares me. Must check out the other link now...

patricia said...

Oy. I think I just experienced a seizure from looking at that kitchen. While I admire the artist's creative spirit, it just ain't my cup of tea.

Your painting, however, is something I could stare at for hours. Beautiful, haunting, and yes, as Andrea stated, lonely.

girl work studios said...

Thanks for the compliments. Ah, 'lonely', I like that. In reality, me looking down was actually me not trying to slip on the ice or fall in a crevass as I walked away from the truckloads of tourists just outside the picture.