Friday, October 23, 2009

I am Kibunwarui

(image is from Inside Out Tees)

I have the swine flu. After dozing in and out of consciousness for 15 hours, I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or hallucinating I was a gorgeous 18 year old Japanese girl. Now that I'm back to reality I'm still deciding whether I'm disappointed because I don't speak fluent Japanese or that I'm not 18 and hot. But I am hot, well, temperature wise.

It's been a rough week or so, my daughter was hit hard with the flu and with multiple bacterial infections that had my husband and I in state of borderline panic. It's pretty lousy to have a kid so sick she's delirious and grabbing fearfully at the pattern on her bed covers. Thankfully she's getting much better and our worst fears didn't materialize. My heart truly goes out to all parents who have to deal with seriously ill children and those with chronic conditions. You deserve every ounce of support from the rest of us.

Because of this #@$%*&@ flu, the controversy regarding vaccinations has reemerged in the media spotlight. There is almost religious like fervor against vaccination that is based IMHO on too much access to information that may have no scientific credibility. A great article from WIRED on the issue. In this information heavy age, we all act like pseudo experts and every issue and concern becomes not more enlightening, but confusing, the more we read.

I just gave my other daughter tamiflu, the anti-viral drug when she began getting sick yesterday. It's free with a prescription to everyone in Canada. I read everything I could, debated whether it was necessary or even a good thing to administer. In the pre-internet age I would have asked the doctor questions but would have given the drug with a clear conscience and without the internal debate. I'm glad information is easily accessible and I believe I've learned somewhat the ability to discern credible research from pure opinion, but in the end, all this knowledge is not a comforting thing.

Now, away from all this seriousness onto silly or at least absurd. Having to deal with about 6 weeks of some sort of infectious thing in this house and becoming paranoid I may not be real, but a fictional character in a Frank McCourt novel, I am ready to be through with battling the microscopic world. Halloween is a week away and hopefully everyone will be well enough to participate in my favourite holiday. In deciding costumes I know for damn sure my kids won't be making the Swine Flu Virus Halloween Costume. From the article:
"For children who don't know what to "be" for Halloween, a flu-themed homemade costume might be just what the doctor ordered. After all, a flu virus is invisible (so nobody really knows what it looks like). It's contagious. So, it's just weird enough that kids can have fun imagining it. Meanwhile, parents and teachers can seize the moment to teach about good hand hygiene and flu prevention, without seeming preachy."

That's just f***ed.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Anti Sites

I'd thought I'd take a break from my compulsive, borderline creepy stalking of people on facebook and visit here! I haven't forgotten about this blog. NaBloPoMo is coming up, National Blog Posting Month in November and I intend to be a participant. Creative Laundry will awaken from it's dormant state. Any one willing to join in? If you do, you're required to post everyday for the month of November. It's the brainchild of Eden Kennedy, author of Fussy, created as a joke after failing at NaNoWriMo, the November 50,000 word novel writing challenge. If your feeling especially ambitious I've included that link as well.

From being silent here for almost 2 months to daily posts, it's apparent I love extremes. I like oreos and take cream with my coffee. For every light there must be dark, every yin a yang. Two websites I found recently are the antithesis of the popular websites Cute Overload and Etsy - F U Penguin and Regretsy. Baby meerkats and creative crafts are wonderful and all, but sometimes you just need to sit down at your computer with a fifth of bourbon and get a break from all that niceness, these sites hit the spot, they are deliciously funny.

My own cute overload came into our house recently in the form of this:
Meet Tippi,
our new border collie puppy. Since I accidentally deleted over 300 pictures from my camera yesterday, I'm sending you over to my friend Andrea's blog, Colouring Outside the Lines. Being middle aged moms with new dogs, we took our 'babies' out for a run on the beach yesterday. She's the one with the superior camera and photography skills. Just go there anyway for great writing and beautiful art.