Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Power of Irony

I'm not sure why bloggers always feel a need to apologize for their absences. Perhaps because when looking at our stats we see the same computers checking in day after day and we want to say sorry you had to waste that clicking effort to see the same old, tired post decorating this little piece of cyberspace.

I have no excuse for not blogging other than I felt like harassing people on Facebook instead. Oh, and I've been doing things in the real world. Recent sketches for Dinah's traveling sketchbook can be found on my daily (ahem, cough, hack...) art blog Luule.

I've also been busy with mom stuff. My 9 yr old daughter needs help deciding on what simple machine she should build for a science project.

She said, "A robot that will clean my room!"
I said,"a perpetual motion machine that will power the world!"
My husband said, "a guillotine"
She is making a simple battery.

I'm eternally grateful problems in my kids life are so small and easily remedied. Life is good and we're so lucky. I saw this ad on TV last night. It's funny, ironic, uncomfortable and makes it's point. Many people thought it was real...sheesh.

Here is the link to War Child, the organization behind the ad if you want to learn more and help.


dinahmow said...

"...when looking at our stats we see the same..."
Huh? We have stats? We look at them? Really? Some of us must be so far behind the eight ball we're not even in the game!
It never occurred to me that I could trawl through the records of who has been looking at Idle Thoughts.

As for people who think those "gifts tags" are real...

Vicus Scurra said...

Sorry I haven't commented here for a few days.

self taught artist said...

when i look at my stats and see the same viewers viewing what must seem eternally the same posts i think AREN'T THEY SUBSCRIBED TO A BLOG READER? dont they know i haven't posted anything new?
i think less blogging is in the air...last year everyone posted in winter and stopped in nice weather. this year we all have dropped away like flies.
i'll check the video later, my morning brain only wants simple right now.

patricia said...

Wow. What a video! I was laughing and yet, feeling really creepy at the same time. Very powerful.

And stats? Meh. I don't look at them much these days.

I've been away too long. For some of the same reasons you mentioned, of course.

Homo Escapeons said...

I just added to my Facebook so I won't be able to go back there for a week or so until things cool down.

If it wasn't for all of those lame-o applications I wouldn't feel bad going on Fbook. Mind you I did some instant messaging with two people on the other side of the world last night that was cool.

I joined Twitter for some reason unbeknownst to my befuddled little monkey brain. Someone told me that it was microblogging because you can only use 140 characters or whatever..haven't quite got "IT" yet.

Which leaves me with Blogging. Just wasted another portion of cyberspace with my 500th post..oh what a feeling to know that I am gunking up mankind's greatest invention with mindless nattering.

Go Me!

Ellen said...

Dinah: Actual not having stats is probably good. It's addictive and like a popularity contest and makes me feel like I'm in high school again, bleh.

Vicus: No apologies necessary. Perhaps I should try to write something worth commenting on. How you entertaining bloggers keep it up. I must observe and learn.

Paula: Pffft, morning brain, the ad is funny! Watch it. I just wrote that other stuff about it to make myself sound more smerter.

Patricia: And where you've been missy?! Having a busy, successful life I presume (at least I gather that from all my FB voyeurism).

Donn: Oh, you men! If you just paid attention to your women you have no need for software to tell you these things.

I block out all (most) of those applications. I've only twittered twice and felt unclean. Can't handle yet another social networking time waster.

Yes, go you! 500! Make it pay! I'd buy a Homo Escapeons book. So much better than what passes for entertainment in the world, stop giving it away for free.