Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Everyone loves Unicorns!

2 weeks since my last post. In blogging world that means you're dead, in Twitter world that means you're mummified. I was going to report on the Twitter awards, because these things exist now. The winners have advice on how to be a famous twitterer? twit???? I didn't have the attention span to read the entire article because I'm a 21st century gal and the myelin in my brain has become excessively frayed from years of lighted screens.

The first rule of success has something to do with having mobile internet access in which you tweet every 20 minutes and glance down at your mobile device every 28-47 seconds for 12-14 hours EVERY DAY. Never mind that every relationship you have in the real world will fall apart because really, it's your online connections that count as your true friends. Never forget that.

I know most of you have stopped dropping by. Yet the numbers of visitors to this blog has exploded due to 2 side by side random words left in a comment 6 months ago that unintentionally forms the name of a new person on the porn scene. I (of course) had to google all this to find out what the heck was going on. So, sadly only horny and then completely disappointed people have been the main visitors to Creative Laundry lately....Yay...

I'm working on a little pet project that I'll be posting about within the next few days, and to entice you back here, I'll be giving away prizes! Yep, a free piece of original art (TBA) and THIS! the most awesomest thing ever! Freakin' Magical Unicorn Gum!

Fruit flavoured deliciousness that as you can see from the back of the box will give you magical powers of sunshine pooping happiness!

See you soon!


andrea said...

"Poop sunshine"! I must remember (and use) that. Count me in.

Do you Twitter? I don't dare. I've been thinking I need to change my Facebook password to something I'll never remember just to keep me away from it.

And I, too, have seen an explosion in numbers at my blog but for far more prosaic reasons than porn connections. The "Andrea needs..." thing has risen AGAIN and there are a million Andres out there googling these two little words and visiting me first. I've had something like 18 new comments on a 2005 post in the past month!

dinahmow said...

I think you may have nailed it when you said the group noun is Twits. Any twit who rear-ends my car while twittering will be called something far more creative and pithy!

Kim Hambric said...

Three things I will not do today. Twitter, Google porn stars, poop sunshine. But thanks for letting me know that all of these things are possible.

I hope that folks will visit your wonderful blog just for you. But now, those who Google "Poop Sunshine" are going to start showing up.

Melody said...

Twittering is out for me....I just don't possess that type of commitment..... too much other stuff to do. Glad you see your back...I've missed you.

Ellen said...

Andrea: I twittered twice in September and couldn't be bothered, too much pressure to come up with something clever in so little space.

Dinah:I know, we're losing the ability to engage in the Real World with all these cyber connected distractions. Hardly anyone I know uses the phone anymore!

Kim: anyone who googles 'poop sunshine' is so welcome here, I know they'd be my kind of folk.
And my 7 yr old daughter never (and I mean NEVER)gets tired of saying that phrase since I got the gum *sigh*

Melody: Thanks. Nope twitter is not for me either, it's kind of like Facebook status updates anyway, except accessible to everyone in the world. Some people are crazy for it though.

Caroline said...

I talked to a self-confessed twitterer for half an hour yesterday - now I know why he suddenly opened the door and ushered me out - he was getting wishdrawal symptoms...

I do hope that no unicorns were hurt in the making of that gum.

Ellen said...

Caroline: I think the gum was made by unicorns, because it's just that magical!