Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Whale Song

The lengthy post I had in mind will have to wait. I'm off. I will be walking along the chilly beaches of Tofino and travelling the open waters of the Pacific hoping to see some of these. I have memorized this song from my childhood and will be singing it loud and strong until the whales come...or the other passengers throw me overboard.


self taught artist said...

sorry i passed on the song, if i start my day with hearing something like that i'm a gonner :)


dingsora...thats my word verification.

dinahmow said...

When I saw the words "Partridge Family" I gagged. Thank God one has to start the clip from this end. Promise me you'll never have one of those ghastly automatic play list wotsits!
But I do envy you your whale trip.

andrea said...

Did I just see Reuben Kincaid???? Seeing Shirley Jones reminds me of how much she looks like my mother. They even had the same hairdo and were born just months apart. I just googled her to see how she looks now and they STILL look the same.

Have fun on the high seas!

Caroline said...

I used to love the Partridge Family, or rather David Cassidy... but I don't remember this song at all... hope you see some whales and get to sing to them

Ellen said...

Paula: I don't blame you, the song hurts, for people and whales alike.

Dinah: Being accosted by music when visiting websites is pretty obnoxious, but I did almost videoblog a little part of this trip, but then realized, with video you REALLY have to be entertaining, that is a whole different world.

Andrea: You DO look like Shirley Jones could be your mother. Do your brothers look like Shawn and David?

Caroline: I had a crush on David Cassidy too. But I was even more crazy over their painted bus.

andrea said...

My brothers look like Shaun and David but not the ones you're thinking of. Shaun Gump and David Grucock. They're not so pretty but they sure can clean out a stable!