Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Yin and the Yang

I'm sort of recycling posts here. Here's the popular video, "Where is Matt". If watching this to the end, you feel nothing, I suggest you contact a surgeon and have the cold, dead stone that is your heart replaced by something living. If that's unsuccessful, remain in the dark side and watch the parody, "Where the Hell is Shut-In Matt". Funny.

Where is Matt?

Where the Hell is Shut-In Matt?


self taught artist said...

omg does this mean i have a cold dead heart that i dont get this?

dinahmow said...

I guess I'm in line for cardio-transplant, too.
I suppose it was amusing at first, but it seems to pop up all over the place.Like flu!

Ellen said...

Okay you two cynical, jaded women, you've probably seen this before too, but watch it again, seriously, c'mon now, it's like free prozac -

self taught artist said...

i got a better idea, you tell us what it is that touches you so much? i'm curious :)

Melody said...

I don't care so much about the videos I'm just so happy your back on line. Missed your insights and your wit!

my croft said...

oH -- lighten up, folks. dancing makes people happy. one they get over being self-conscious. that's the genius of dance. a simple goofy pleasure.

wv: polor
it seems apropriate (which is not a spontaneous definition, but rather commentary)

Ellen said...

Yay! Somebody likes it, thanks Melanie and yes those are my sentiments - simple joy from something basic as dancing. And combined with the global aspect of it - anything that makes the world less divided, shows how connected we are by the joyful side of our nature makes me really happy, even if it's a little contrived.

Paula, the other link I posted on these comments was a baby laughing that's been viewed over 94 million times, seriously. People are addicted to babies laughing on YouTube. Again simple joy and not contrived in this case.

And for me, it goes like this - you're just about to reluctantly watch the video and you think, "oh pa-leese how corny cute, a baby laughing" and then you smile in spite of yourself and you think, "hey, that baby is laughing" then... "hey that baby is cute and he just keeps laughing", and you start to feel a little warm and then you smile and laugh even though your INTELLECT points out in it's smug, critical voice, "this is yet another crazy-popular corny cute youtube video, ugh", but it makes you feel good,'s a baby laughing, and no matter where we are today, we were all babies and we all laughed for no just instinctively reminds me the greatest joys are spontaneous and for no reason, they just happen when you're open and enjoy being alive. Simple, simple happiness.

Okay, now you know about my closet optimist. I'll stop before I frighten you all.
(But the baby is just soooo cute!and he just keeps laughing!...)

self taught artist said...

well i'm a freak i guess
when i see babies laughing i feel sad. but i get why you like this now :)

Ellen said...

Paula, to each his own.

And oops, that video was viewed over 24 million times, not 94 million.

venus said...

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