Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Anti Sites

I'd thought I'd take a break from my compulsive, borderline creepy stalking of people on facebook and visit here! I haven't forgotten about this blog. NaBloPoMo is coming up, National Blog Posting Month in November and I intend to be a participant. Creative Laundry will awaken from it's dormant state. Any one willing to join in? If you do, you're required to post everyday for the month of November. It's the brainchild of Eden Kennedy, author of Fussy, created as a joke after failing at NaNoWriMo, the November 50,000 word novel writing challenge. If your feeling especially ambitious I've included that link as well.

From being silent here for almost 2 months to daily posts, it's apparent I love extremes. I like oreos and take cream with my coffee. For every light there must be dark, every yin a yang. Two websites I found recently are the antithesis of the popular websites Cute Overload and Etsy - F U Penguin and Regretsy. Baby meerkats and creative crafts are wonderful and all, but sometimes you just need to sit down at your computer with a fifth of bourbon and get a break from all that niceness, these sites hit the spot, they are deliciously funny.

My own cute overload came into our house recently in the form of this:
Meet Tippi,
our new border collie puppy. Since I accidentally deleted over 300 pictures from my camera yesterday, I'm sending you over to my friend Andrea's blog, Colouring Outside the Lines. Being middle aged moms with new dogs, we took our 'babies' out for a run on the beach yesterday. She's the one with the superior camera and photography skills. Just go there anyway for great writing and beautiful art.


andrea pratt said...

Superior camera? But you have the new one! What did you end up buying anyway?

Very cute photo of Tippi snoozing. And look at that pristine toy! Coco loves her stuffed squeakies so much that they're all dirty and disembowelled.

I'm actually considering posting every day in November -- but I doubt it will last. The considering, that is. I *know* I wouldn't be able to actually make the psoting last.

Ellen said...

Well, *yesterday* you had the superior camera:) I bought a Canon Rebel T1i, sweet talked by the guy at Future Shop who could read my desire and greed to upgrade to the newest one with 2 lenses. Now I just have to figure out how to use it!
C'mon post daily in November, you can do it, it's a quiet month.

dinahmow said...

A new Canon!
Yes, the Penguin site's been on my list for a while and I read Andrea's post about the anti-etsy.'re going to write a daily post, huh? Well, at least yours should be more entertaining than the da-dri-mo (daily drivel month) some other bloggers foist on us!
Moi? Depends how many other things I get finished!

Vicus Scurra said...

Please ask permission before further prolonged absences.

self taught artist said...

your blog posts are like tiramisu. meaning...delicious and worth every penny (in your case every word). i'll take it whenever i can get it.

i think blogging every day is silly for the sake of blogging every day...but if you have something that needs to come out then by all means blog away!!!!

love the new pooch.
ps i did last years nano writing thing and i managed NOT to write every day. ;)

AscenderRisesAbove said...

ohhh thanks for the reminder; I had completely forgotten about it and am going to put it on my calendar right this very minute.

Athena said...

Your doggy is beautiful!! I love border collies. My borador's name is Pippi.

Good luck with the NaBloPoMo. I signed up for NaNoWriMo, but I'm dropping out- too much on my plate.

Ellen said...

Dinah: No doubt it will probably be da-dri-mo for me as well, but I like the discipline aspect of it and well, I miss you guys. Off to go visit Idle Thoughts next (which I've noticed has been pretty quiet too, hmmm?)

Vicus: I probably should be asking permission to post daily,no doubt I will be butchering the English language more than usual.

Paula: Thanks. I agree about the posting. Part of the reason I stopped blogging wasn't because I didn't have anything to say, it's because I became too self conscious about this blog. Now having had a mild hissy fit on the last post, I'm not concerned anymore.

Ascender: I'll pop by and say hi

Athena: I love them too, so smart. The novel month is intimating. They have a 3 day novel writing weekend here in Vancouver, I admire those who take the plunge with into kind of manic pursuit.

Melody said...

Can't tell you how happy I am that your back. And that puppy??? don't get me started on how cute he is. Welcome back from one of your all time fans...

Ellen said...

Melody: thanks you're so encouraging. Now what the heck am I going to write about everyday for a month.