Monday, December 7, 2009

Yes, more crows

acrylic and aluminum
Ellen Sereda

It took a week, but I was able to finish the painting I mentioned in the last post. I think I spent as much time carving in the lines of the fossils at the bottom and the cityscape as I did painting the rest of the piece.

Focusing my spare moments on art has made me almost completely non verbal online. Actually, who am I kidding. It makes me non verbal in my day to day life as well. I just walk around mumbling and forget to comb my hair and button up my coat on cold days. It is good I have kids to bring me back to reality with their constant daily needs and chatter.

I did catch a recent video on TED highlighting Edward Burtynksy's photographic series on the landscape of oil. These jaw dropping images do remind me I should park (or do away with) my stupid minivan. Who says art doesn't have some real life impact.


paula said...

woa this is a bit sinister, and i like it. powerful ellen!

andrea said...

Ni-i-i-ice! I want to see it so I can steal ideas! How big? On panel or canvas? Medium? Process? Fess up, woman! There are plagiarists out here just itching for a taste!

Ellen said...

Paula, thanks, I thought it was an optimistic piece. I know I'm abnormal, I don't associate crows with anything negative.

Andrea- when I finish a few more and hang my tiny gallery space, I DO want you to come over and give me some opinions.
Not much to say about this one, 14"x18" on a cradeled panel. It's all acrylic. i carved the lines in the cityscape, so that's the wood showing through. The fossils are carved (incised? a better word I think) as well then rubbed over with raw umber and the shards are scrape aluminum blotched with acrylic and glued on with industrial strength adhesive.(E600). Then I'll varnish it. I'm systematically using up all my panels. Working my way up to that big panel I bought. It still intimidates me :(

sarala said...

Love the crow piece. (I got here via Paula's site).

Ellen said...

thanks sarala!

Sara said...

This painting is so exquisite - LOVE crows! You've inspired me to spend all my waking hours lost in art as well (something I constantly try for!)

Ellen said...

Thanks Sara! how I wish I could spend all my waking hours doing art, now...laundry.