Monday, March 10, 2008

Barf and Marine Life

I've been mostly absent from the computer these days. Truth is, I've been acting a bit like a Stepford Wife, except without the good looks, and okay, not all the pleasantness either. I have been engaged in family matters. Flu season hit us hard. I've been dutifully picking up snotty tissues and cleaning up projectiled vomit -yesterday! at the dinner table no less! and no, my cooking isn't THAT bad.

In between assorted viruses we did manage a family trip to the Vancouver Aquarium. Evident from the below pictures, my husband was in charge of the camera. Where are the humans?! When I'm old and reminiscing over fond family memories, I wonder if the turtle and the crocodile pictures will help me remember the good old days. Luckily, I painted this oil painting of my daughter a few months back to remind me how much we like looking at fish in this family.

Fish face art anyone? Take a look at these painted faces.


andrea said...

That top photo, as a photograph, is amazing! Was that your capture or your husband's? We used to visit the aquarium a lot when the boys were little, even had memeberships for a couple of years. The painting of your daughter is such a great keepsake besides being a lovely painting. I wish I had enough confidence to tackle figurative subject matter.

BlueJude said...

Oooo...vomiting here too! One man down...danger Will Robinson! lol Love the painting! And fish faces...too cool! Happy Tuesday!

Caroline said...

And so there was synchronicity in our recent activities too... not just an interest in synchronicities.

I do hope you are all feeling well soon.

girl work studios said...

Andrea:my husband took the photo, have to give him credit for that one. My painting is a bit awkward, but it is a nice memory. I wish I could paint landscapes the way you do.

Blue: there are some nasty bugs going around these days aren't there? (and Happy Thursday!)

Caroline: and I was going to post a picture of the otter we saw at the aquarium, even more synchronous to your zoo post.

patricia said...

Those fish faces are crazy! I actually like them.

And love your paintings. Very dreamy and relaxing.