Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I got balls, lots of them.

Sunny, spring weather hit us this weekend so we spent time in our neglected backyard. The carnage of last summers' play peeked through the trees and bushes. I have to fess up I have a bit of a compulsive disorder over buying balls for the kids (and dogs). So I'm posting my OCD ball photo montage to remind myself I WILL NOT BUY BALLS THIS SUMMER! unless....a zorb ball goes on sale, I want one.

In other carnage news, we had a small birthday celebration for "the man" this weekend and I baked a cake. This is the result of using a heavy casserole dish over a proper cake pan. If I was the ultimate wife I would have made this Millennium Falcon cake for my lovable, Star Wars obsessed, geek-culture inspired husband.


andrea said...

Thank God *someone* has balls! :) And talk about cake contrast! I remember pulling out all the stops for my kids' birthday cakes when they were little. Was that ever short-lived! Thanks for the grin.

girl work studios said...

Andrea: I could post any equally disastrous photo of a carrot cake I made for my first daughters first birthday. It was just SOOOOO important to me that I make a cake lovingly from scratch to mark that huge occasion. I was actually sad about my failure back then. Pffff. Short lived is so true, it's Dairy Queen's oily, icecream cakes from now on.

patricia said...

Wow! There's balls in them thar hills!

Your cake is wonderful, and I'm sure he loved it. That other cake looks like it was made by some android wife.

BlueJude said...

I think your ball cumpulsion is kinda cool! OH and those slippers below, would need several pairs here with my big hairy dog! lol
As for your cake...it shows a lotta love! Happy Thursday!

dinahmow said...

Fancy cakes? Been there, done that. Over that!
Oh yes, I want to go zorbing too. If I go home in Sept. I am definitely doing that!

suze said...

I am sure it was a very tasty cake. It looked good to me. Remeber the phrase "don't judge a book by it's cover."
I like the way you think.

girl work studios said...

Patricia- My husband thought the Star Wars cake was great. I think 'android wife' may be a secret fantasy for him.

Blue- Thanks for stopping by! We have 2 big hairy dogs, you're right, one pair would never be enough.

Dinah- Yes! Zorbing was invented on your home turf. I'll be keeping my eyes open for some posted pictures of you rolling down those green hills!

Suze- Thanks for visiting! The cake was delicious, in spite of appearances. BTW- love those stamped bowling shoes, what a great idea!

molly said...

but he prolly liked the one you made a whole lot better!