Sunday, April 13, 2008

Excuses, excuses

The above graffiti art is by Banksy and at the moment I'm that rat. I've been neglecting this blog. Ignore my claims of hypochondria in my last post for the moment, because I was held up with a bacterial infection for a few weeks (really, truly). Thanks to some antibiotics and herbal tea, I'm much better. Unfortunately, I've seemed to have destroyed my voice to the point that I can sing this song perfectly. That's a shame, because my voice (not my singing), along with my right baby toe, was a favorite part of me.

A nice day came along last week and I forced myself out for a walk along some country roads. This tiny new subdivision has sprouted up beside a commercial chicken farm. I'm sure these homes are well over half a million dollars. It's like a giant dog called Suburbia peed out some white picket fences and claimed it's territory.

I was keeping my eye out for June Cleaver or her spawn, but it was eerily quiet there. Around the corner I came across a great house with a gallery business and the owner was kind enough to let me snap some photos of her moss dogs and tree art.

I'll leave with a little more of Banksy, because I do like so much of what he does. I'm finding myself more and more attracted to found art and street art these days. Maybe I'm just getting older and looking outward. I'm fascinated with the environments that surround us and the statements we can make about them and with them.


Melody said...

Banksy's art is really cool. I enjoyed looking at it. I too love street art....I think it's because it is so unexpected but such a wonderful visual surprise.
Glad your feeling better and glad your back to blogging.

andrea said...

It's all about the act of writing. See, for all your protestations of nothing to say (I laughed out loud -- well, snorted anyway -- at the top image) once you got going it was all good. Happens to me, too. As for June Cleaver, I'm so tired of an environment of suburban conformity that I've kidnapped her and have her tied up in the basement for casual, random torture. Every girl needs a hobby.

girl work studios said...

Melody: I think you nailed it right there - the surprise of seeing these kind of images in everyday life when it's unexpected. When we're used to seeing something artistic on the streets, it's almost always advertising.

Andrea: you're forcing me to type the 3 letters I have never typed (in sequence) in all my years on the internet, here goes...LOL! If you really want to torture Mrs. Cleaver, bring her over to my house. We can rent The Sopranos on DVD and eat crackers on the sofa.

dinahmow said...

To judge by these comments we all should pack our knapsacks and head for Yellow Springs, OH and join Jafabrit.
As for those hideosities with lots of commas in the price tag - bleaghh!We've got stuff like that here, too.Come back, Guadi! Hundertwasser!F.L.Wright!Christopheer Wren!
And yay! for Banksy.

patricia said...

Welcome back! Glad you are better. That photo of those houses is kind of disturbing to me. (Love the whole 'peeing white picket fences' imagery!)

If you're interested in found art, or guerilla art, perhaps this artist might be of interest to you? (or perhaps you've already heard of her? Perhaps I should stop typing?)

BlueJude said...

Glad to hear you're on an upswing again! Love the photos. Uber cool.

girl work studios said...

Dinah: and that half a million is just for a duplex (so half a house)over an hour away from a big city! crazy. Jafabrit's neck of the woods does sound cool, maybe we should get down to leaving art around in our areas, break up the homogeny a bit. Perhaps some found Ziggy art?

Patricia:I stumbled upon Keri Smith not too long ago, love her website. The whole guerilla art thing got me thinking about the Yes Men, although not art, I think they're brilliantly funny. Check out the Yes Men documentary on DVD, it's hilarious.

Blue:Hi Blue! nice to hear from you!