Thursday, October 23, 2008

Buggy Eyed with Crows

West Coast Crow
Ellen Sereda

I have 2 more crow paintings left in me, larger ones that are part of series for a show, the one above is for sale here. I'm still in the process of adding art to the new Etsy shop. I'll need to dedicate a full day to photographing, scanning and write ups for new work.

I actually would like to move onto incorporating other wildlife that lives in my area into my art, but I have a bit of a dilemma. Without a good camera and telephoto lens, animals and birds have to come to ME. There is the occasional bear and cougar that wanders into my neighbourhood, but I think enticing them with my stash of peanuts may be a bad idea.

Now I must leave the house and get some fresh air. If I don't go out, I might as well dress up like this for Halloween, a future I'd like to avoid.

Since I've spent the morning getting googly-eyed loading up crow images to the computer, this video seems entirely believable to me.


self taught artist said...

that was some video, very cool find.
you are such a strange wonderful person :)
like the crows, you have made me like crows....good luck getting everything photographed and ready for etsy!

katie jane said...

Well Gee, there's a crow picture worth painting! Try that one.

Neat video. I think. Anyway, good luck with your etsy.

tlc illustration said...

I like your crows. I think they get a bad rap since they are so common in this part of the continent, so I love to see them portrayed in appealing and sympathetic ways vs. just Hitchcockian scary.

(fun, eerie video!)

deb said...

hi, I just found your blog through Paula's - I too am an artist heavily disguised as a suburban mum, in upstate NY!! Your blog about the bell in your purse made me really LOL, really! All the teens playing Rock Band in the other room came in to see why the crazy mum was laughing at herself!!

Kim Hambric said...

So, its Saturday morning at 7:30. Hubby out of town, kid in bed. Windy, rainy, still kind of dark. Watching crow video, noise behind me at the window. Crow!?! No. Just a branch scratching at the window. Creepy. Now it is time to feed the birds. I feel compelled every morning. The jays and crows steal the nuts first. Man. I'm spooked out.

Can't wait to get your crow artwork. The crows made me buy it. Time to feed the birds . . .

Ellen said...

Paula: 'wonderful' is even better with 'strange' added (IMO), thanks and back atcha.

Katie: I know creepy video, the animator Andrew Huang create another quite popular film you can see on YouTube called Doll Face, kinda beautiful, strange but not so creepy.

tlc: that eerie video is traditional scary crow mythology, sort of like updated Edgar Allen Poe.

Deb: Thanks for stopping by. Heavily disguised as a suburban mom? - EXACTLY! Well put.You are part of my tribe! (and I actually want Rock Band for myself).

Kim: HA! that is creepy. Not long along I was driving alone down a country road and noticed a dead crow on the side of the road, which was icky, but then about 30 yards ahead there was another one on the other side. Something I had never seen before. Suddenly I felt like I was transported into a Stephen King novel and some evil was never going to let me get off that road.
Oh... the bad mythology of crows.

ps -the drawing is on its way.

Caroline said...

I love your crow pictures I'm glad there are a couple more to come. I tried to look at the etsy link but it said it was down for maintenance.

That cat costume is wild or maybe I should say domestic!

Word veri is: sweshism - that could be what I mean...

Melody said...

I love your artwork featuring crows.

Ellen said...

Melody and Caroline - thanks and Caroline, I was just reading someone's funny post about how word verification lately is becoming more like a real language. So in keeping with the theme of the video, it's like these machines are trying to communicate with us...spooky...