Sunday, October 5, 2008

And the winner is...

12 identical pieces of paper were folded and put in my tarnished silver bowl and my daughter randomly chose the winner. Congratulations Caroline! you need to email me with you address at ellesereda[at]gmail[dot]com so I can ship "By the River" out to you.

I spent the entire day in my studio yesterday, trying to get new work ready for the new Etsy store. Creating art for such practical reasons was pretty much a bust. I was also in the mood for experimenting which was at odds with my purpose. I grabbed pastels, because, like a toddler, the pastel box was pretty and shiny and I wanted to play. I did 2 pastel landscapes, completely not in my realm of expertise. You can't see them because their new home is the trash can. Part of me knows deep inside that experimenting, making mistakes is all part of the learning experience and the only way to grow. The other me, the busy, middle aged mother of 2 kids, trying to fit time in for myself, grumbles, "enough with the learning experiences! I don't have TIME to make mistakes! I just want to get ON with it!" And then I just tell myself to...BREATHE.

Anyways, more eye candy, found this dress made of paper by Anthropology on Enzie Shahmiri's blog, World Market Portraits . Here's my girly-girl side coming out. Even though I often dress like a homeless man in a soup kitchen in the 1930's, I love this dress. It's kind of sugary, Marie Antoinette bimbo combined with an over the top, flowery kick-ass quality.

Do check out Enzie's blog, she's a wonderful portrait painter and finds some of the most gorgeous work by artists, photographers and designers (and even an animator or two) to post to her blog. She is also having an ebay auction of her beautiful, original painting to raise money for the Darfur relief effort. You can find out more info below.


Enzie Shahmiri said...

Hi Ellen

I am happy to meet you and like to thank you for the lovely write up.

All the best

self taught artist said...

just think, if you never make it like you want as an artist you can become a comedian. you always crack me up and i'm not easily amused.
i like that you experimented even if it went against your brain and is in the trash. it is useful even when it feels annoying. i totally get it.
love the dress, and i too dress like a homeless man 'cept i'm more like an ex circus clown....good luck with all your etsy store. I mean it :)
why am i saying that? because i have another chance to keep writing since the letters I typed didn't go through.....sigh

Melody said...

Always the bridesmaid never the bride! Congratulations lucky duck!

Enzie Shahmiri said...

Hi Ellen,

Just wanted to let you know that I have added you as one of the Project Supporters of the Darfur fundraiser with a link to your site.

Just saw the bidding went up to $202!!! Yippieeeeeee......

Thanks for your support!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Wonderful for Caroline!!!

Ellen said...

Enzie: I do hope those bids climb higher, I admire what you're doing and that painting is truly beautiful.

Paula- Thanks, but I'm the kind of funny that thinks of a good line or comeback about 20 minutes after everyone's left the room. Ex-circus clown? cool

Mel And Jean - lucky you Jean for getting Melody's giveaway. And thanks Mel for the opportunity for winning a piece of your art. It's fun to do isn't it? I'll think I'll make a giveaway an annual thing.