Friday, April 16, 2010

Art Find Fridays

Josh Keyes paints images of wildlife making the genre relevant with jolting surrealism. I love his work. It's highly illustrative, disturbing, beautiful and wrong, that to me is a juicy mix for some interesting art.

30"x40" acrylic on panel

"Burst I"
30"x80" acrylic on panel

Paula started the idea of posting art finds on Fridays. Check out her find this week.


paula said...

hey you, congrats on a the finds! and lookee...BIRDS. YOU.
i did enjoy looking at the large images, studying the strangeness. i like the men, the birds nest...the colors. creepy cool.

Rebecca S. said...

Wow. Those are great.

Silver Knight said...

great work!

Ellen said...

Paula, Rebecca, Silver: they are interesting paintings aren't they, and strange indeed.