Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Work

Above is a montage of new paintings for sale in my Etsy shop, Luule. I resurrected the store and have decided to try it as a place for selling small work. There is also an artists run gallery gift shop I'm looking into. These paintings look so much better in person and I like the idea of them hanging in a bricks and mortar store. I've discovered a gloss varnish that I love that gives a rich, shiny patina to my paintings that I wish was visible in my online images.

I also have 2 pieces in the ArtSpacific show in Delta that opens on May 3rd and runs until the 26th. I was happy my work was accepted and liked the pieces I entered, but seeing my pieces on the wall does remind me that size does matter. I'm itching to go big. I'm hoping to complete a big piece for an upcoming show which I'm not going to name because being accepted into it is tough and unlikely, but trying will be a good challenge for me.

Now I must sleep and when I wake up, I plan to spend some time loitering on all your blogs, something long overdue, paint ravens and try to avoid snacking on the girl guide cookies I was coerced into buying.


Melody said...

Yum....cookies. Gorgeous pieces Ellen and congrats on the show. Mind sharing the name of the varnish you've found??

paula said...

i'm liking the robin and the finch. cool....and all ready to fly away from etsy. it IS spring afterall.
good luck with artspacific, that looks cool! GO BIG

andrea said...

Swapped emails with the president of the Delta Arts Council and told him to pay attention to your work (easy to do). I juried the show last year with one other person and he was the tie breaker. I suspect it'll be the same format this year. If you don't win something I'll eat my shorts.

Ellen said...

Mel: Thanks. It's Liquitex High Gloss Varnish, but it can't be used on canvas, only panel or it'll crack. Bit of a drag, haven't found an acrylic varnish that looks this nice for canvas paintings

Paula: thanks. BIG is calling me. GO BIG too, you need to make some friends who have unused workshops in their backyards!

Andrea: Ha!that's funny and thanks...for de favuh (that last bit said in my best Tony Soprano voice:). I don't know about prizes unless all the really bad stuff came pouring in after mine, the quality looked pretty good to me. Maybe I'm just so aware how small mine looked. Hey, if you drive by that way, switch my mixed media piece from the cast off corner she hung it to the middle where all the light is 'kay?:). Oh and I won't make it to opening night, but will be driving there to take a look sometime in the next 2 weeks, so you have to put up with me AGAIN.

Kim Hambric said...

I love all of these beautiful birds, especially that house finch. Love little paintings. Looking forward to see what the big paintings will be.

Ellen said...

Thanks Kim, I did some sketches for one today, then a million interruptions took me away from it, (which of course have nothing to do with being on this computer;)

Rebecca S. said...

Your paintings are lovely. Good luck with it all!
And thanks for the great comment you left on my post today. I was pretty nervous about it, but your comment will help me sleep tonight! Have you picked up your shiny award yet? No obligation.
I have said the same thing to a non-pregant woman. Ugh.
I love Limbert Mountain Farms, btw. We go there a lot in the summertime.

Ellen said...

Rebecca, your post was funny and nothing to worry about. I don't even have to hesitate for a moment to remember the most embarrassing experience in my life. I can't retell it, it still makes me gasp and cringe when I think about even though it was 13 years ago, it really is THAT bad. The select 3 people I've told have all screamed in disbelief when I told them, so I'm never telling again. What a tease I am huh?:)

Kathryn Grace said...

Beautiful, beautiful pieces. I discovered you through a mention on Coloring Outside the Lines. Wishing you many happy sales and growing business on your Etsy site.