Sunday, February 3, 2008

Paper Mosaic

Since I wasn’t motivated to create anything big last month, I chose to do some stream of consciousness doodling. But my little drawings were starting to look a bit like Richard Dadd’s art…not really a good thing. He was a 19th century institutionalized schizophrenic artist/murderer. I assure you we have nothing in common. So I changed my cheerless scribbles to more cheerful craft. Making the above mosaic was therapeutic. It was methodically hands on, like baking your own bread. As much as I wanted to rush it, I simply couldn’t, the medium wouldn’t allow me.

About half of the paper in this piece I hand painted, the other half is a combination of handmade papers and a few bought decorative papers. I based this image on Manning Park, a favorite camping spot for my family. This is a first time experiment for me. I’m excited to begin work on larger pieces using more intense colors and less conventional subject matter (the above mosaic is made on an 8"x10" cradled wood panel). Based on making the mosaic, I think a possible help for the January blahs may be a little creative experimentation.

I hope to be back soon with more stimulating comments. In the meantime, here is one of Vic Muniz’s incredible 'sugar children' portraits made only from white sugar on dark paper.

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