Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Creative Laundry is undergoing technical difficulties. OK, so my computer crashed and I lost half of my photos. Ironically, the day before I was planning to open a Flickr account to prevent this very thing from happening (upon the good advice from blogger and artist extraodinaire Andrea). So my previous posts don’t make much sense without all the pictures. I’m writing from an antiquated computer, it’s clunky and sounds like a generator built during WWII. And no pictures, but I can add some pizzaz with colored fonts. How exciting is that!

The more I think about it, the more ill prepared I am to live without modern conveniences. Here on the west coast, people mention the “BIG ONE’, the huge quake that can happen anytime off the coast of Vancouver Island. I’m not a disaster freak, I have a blase attitude about any event beyond my control, which is surprising for someone who is obsessed with global catastrophic issues , such as peak oil and global warming. Documentary plug- see A Crude Awakening:The Oil Crash for a fascinating look into peak oil.

Now that my ‘good’ computer is busted and I’m actually mourning it (just a bit), I realize I need to unplug, get back to some simpler living, not be so tech-obsessed. Maybe I’ll learn to be a little more self-sufficient, like grow something I can eat. And I guess it wouldn’t hurt me to stock some extra water and rotate a couple cans of tuna every now and then. I found out recently that there is a fault line about 100 yards from my house and someone on the street behind me had methane gas leaking from their backyard. Hmm... that’s just weird.


patricia said...

Oh no! Sorry about the lost photos. Bummer. Pretty coloured type, though!

But yes, always a good idea to take a break from technology and give one's head a shake. Especially since where you live is so beautiful, and so being outdoors must be very relaxing and inspiring.

Funny...every time you mention a new documentary, I've seen it! Thanks to my issue-obsessed husband, of course. I got REALLY depressed after watching 'Crude Awakenings', I gotta say. But I am glad that we don't own a car, and don't live in the burbs.

And my husband used to collect tons of jars for water storage...it drove me crazy! We had an entire bottom cupboard filled with all these different-sized jars in preparation for when 'the big end came, baby!' My husband is a pretty dystopian guy, but he's cute, so I'll keep him.

girl work studios said...

Patricia, so far my plan is backfiring, I've been spending more time on this 10 yr old computer than I did on my new one, mainly because it's taking soooo long to get anything working right. Shame on me.

Glass jars? Guy's thinking ahead. Hey, you never know. Good to have a collection of household tips for apocalypse living. Hey, there could be a cartoon in that!