Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beach Art

I'm beached out. We spent the first official day of summer holidays at White Rock. I like this place. It's a summer resort town with a 70's retro flare, full of fish and chip shacks that probably look exactly like they did 30 years ago. It isn't pretentious at all. It's also home to Jenkins Showler Gallery, which houses some lovely artwork.

Another reason I'm so fond of White Rock is, you guessed it, the crows. I'm still observing them, and working on crow themed art. I guess I'll be riding this wave (all beach metaphors intended!) for a bit longer and see where it takes me. White Rock is great if you want to hang out with crows, who are DUDE! SO TOTALLY NARLY AND LAID BACK there on the beach. I'm have a hard time getting really good pictures of crows in suburbia, partly because my camera isn't that great and also, crows in suburbia are, well... uptight (isn't that typical). The crows in White Rock live their lives around beach picnickers. Shortly after this picture was taken, my daughter went back into the water and the crows, for the brief seconds when no one was looking, flew off with my other daughters entire lunch. Annoying, but impressive.

The next day we headed off to Harrison Hot Springs. Another little summer resort town in BC, not far from me. After visiting Harrison Hot Springs countless times, this mountain view still takes my breath away.

Harrison calls itself the sand sculpture capital of the world. Here's proof -

oops, didn't walk far enough, here we go, some of the sand sculptures at this year's competition.

If all this beach talk is making you long for a vacation but it's not on your agenda right now, check out this video I found on Heroes not Zombies, a wonderful blog, it's hard not to feel good watching this. Make sure you have the music turned up!

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.


andrea said...

Ah summer -- yer doin it right. (I'm starting to speak lolcat.) We go to Harrison every five years for a two-night anniversary stay. Last year I was sick! :(

Wonderful photos. More later...

dinahmow said...

I have the highest regard for sand (and ice or snow) sculptors! Hell! I can't even make a stick man from plasticine!
And vive le corvid!

katie jane said...

Oh, YES! I long for the beach! I have seen these fantastic sand castles on TV. Amazing. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I hate being landlocked.

I love Andrea's LOLcat lingo.

Melody said...

I HAVE to come out and visit. Great photos.

Ellen said...

Andrea: u wer sick? uz has to go agin! One of these day I'll spend a weekend away there too.

Dinah: I'm creatively 3-D challenged as well. A few years back I spent a day at the beach and a woman and her friend beside me sculpted an amazing 6' long mermaid. And then they left and the kids admired it for a few moments, but the urge to jump on it became too irresistable and so it was gone in a flash.

Katie: I did, thanks! Yes, I have to admit, being near water is so rejuvenating. Being able to spend a day at the ocean is pretty amazing.

Melody: You definitely should!

Caroline said...

Looks fabulous!

Caroline said...

My husband has just sent me this link:

I'd rather assumed we didn't have anything like your wonderful sand sculptors here but it seems there are some coming to a place only 20 miles or so away!

Ellen said...

Caroline: that's something to go see, I love that they've included a place for children to build beside the masters.

Hayden said...

The Matt thing is irresistible, isn't it?!! I found it through the NY Times, of all places, but still had to watch again and laugh.

That's some amazing sand castle action!

molly said...

i've watched the video half dozen times and cried during each and every one of 'em.

Ellen said...

Hayden, Molly: isn't that video wonderful! It's pure, pure joy! I never get tired of watching it.