Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Getting Organized

I'm working on a drawing that would have fit the theme of this post, but haven't quite finished it, but check out Al Gore in his office. I'll come clean, I have a minor crush on him, yes, it's true, I think he's a great man (tell me Americans, why Bush? why? how did that happen?!). Now my crush has been upgraded to moderate after seeing this clutter. I'm not even going to analyze why I find piles of paper alluring.

But I digress.

I have a tendency to put the cart before the horse. No, that’s not accurate, I put the cart out when I don’t even own a horse and find myself scrambling to get one. And as my brain is scrambled these days, that’s the best analogy (or old hic saying) I can muster.

I’ve been infected with a small case of ambition lately. As the end of June is approaching I’m aware if I want to accomplish what’s in my head while entertaining and refereeing my daughters through the summer, I better get more organized.

I’ve pulled out my daytimer, the one I purchase every January. The one that has a few scribbled entries in the beginning of the year, then...all blank. But with my new desire to accomplish bigger things, I’m determined to make those schedules and lists work. This is disgracefully hard for me. I’m terrible at multi-tasking. I want to pass the buck and write my deficiency off to a gene that’s responsible for that trait that I most definitely lack (btw, if anyone knows of an employer who needs someone to stare at a wall and think all day, I’m their girl!).

I have a wonderful friend who is the queen of organization and has helped people organize their work spaces and kitchens. Last year, I got two bins, one for tupperware and another for their lids to organize the chaos in my kitchen cupboards. I was so proud of having come up with this solution on my own, I had to show her. She smiled, amused and said that’s nice, like a pet owner giving a little pat to an over eager puppy trying to please. I know I need to do better than a couple of bins. It’s time to work on those schedules! Ummm... just as soon as I find that horse, now where could it be?


andrea said...

I would never survive without my daytimer. I even forget to look at that sometimes so appointments go missed even with it. Don't tell me your brain is so organized you actually REMEMBER stuff. I am so absent-minded that I learned in my twenties to organize my environment (which incudes the must-have daytimer) to compensate. Over compensate some might say. White-coat stuff others might say. I am a neurotic and I wear it proudly. If you function just fine without ever having to worry about physical order then why even bother? It's Martha Stewart stuff: nice to look up but totally unnecessary if you don't need it.

PS Thanks for the heads up re. your feed. How annoying. How am I going to keep up now?

dinahmow said...

Oh, fudge! And here's me, just about to ask Andrea for your email to ask if you'd be up for a sketchbook exchange...
Oh well. Another day, another thought!

Actually,I came in, really, to talk about the "tidy gene." It is a figment of someone's imagination! It sho' don' live 'round here! And while my admiration of Mr. Gore doesn't extend to crush level I do lust after his frog!

Melody said...

Oh my.....I suck at trying to organize things. I have at least eight tupperware bottoms with no tops. Kind of like the ten pairs of socks where one of the pairs is missing....yup I have those also. Keep us up to date on your progress. If there's an easy way to do it....I'll sign on

Donn said...

How can you not have a crush on a guy who says he invented the Internet?


Ellen said...

andrea: I really want to have that neurosis right now. (Still can't find that dumb daytimer anywhere.)

dinah: No, this sounds good. I used to go to a drop in drawing class around town, but keep forgetting about it. I'm committed to getting back into a regular sketching routine. So do email me, but you must promise to verbally abuse me if I'm tardy with this exchange. e.sereda(at)yahoo(dot)ca.

melody: I think the road will be hard and painful. And the bin system really works. Someone told me the missing socks get stuck somewhere outside the drum of the machine. I cant' believe that, as if there's some mythical place in washing machines where socks live. nawww.

donn: nooooooo! he said that? really? Well, I stand firm. It's all in the contrast, he looks so much better next to that "other guy". Just like Jimmy Carter looked better next to Ronald Reagan. In fact Jimmy Carter today looks better (in the ways that matter) next to George W.

Nobody can accuse me of being shallow. weird maybe, not shallow.

Ellen said...

no, wait a minute, I'm not saying I have a crush on Jimmy Carter.

I'm officially never going to respond to comments early in the morning. Okay 'nuf said.