Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oops and I love you.

I tried to get fancy a few days ago, signing up for Feedburner. Problem is I'm somewhat computer illiterate and this whole blogging thing is pretty new to me. Sooo, having said that, if you read this blog regularly (and I automatically love all who do, and also love those who read irregularly and love all those who comment. And even if I don't know you and you just lurk, I can sense that you are warm, wonderful, interesting, brilliant people and I love you too. How's that for lots of love. It's a regular lovefest at Creative Laundry) uh... where was I? Oh yes, if you subscribe to this blog through a reader, you'll have to re-subscribe. Or, you can have feeds delivered direct to you're email box thanks to my new little widget on the right. Sorry for the hassle and I'm now going to go order Blogging for Dummies from the library.



Melody said...

Nothin like a good lovefest. Makes the world a happier place.

andrea said...

I love that I can re-subscribe. You'd better return the love by updating frequently.

Donn said...

I couldn't even handle having a blogroll because I drove myself starkers trying to read 60 Blogs a week.

I have NO idea what I am doing but two years and 400 postings later I'm still here thinking out loud.

I feel the love...
numebr one rule just have fun...the rest will follow.

Ellen said...

melody: I agree, even when it's sometimes to anonymous people, why not?

andrea: as I said yesterday, I always feel one post away from the last. How do you keep up the momentum?

donn: 400 and still ranting strong! Maybe it's better to visually streamlime these blogs, the way you did. But I'm sad Michaelangelo's Goliath is gone, I was thinking of using that on my Christmas cards this year.

dinahmow said...

When I got back from shopping my in-box was FULL of your complete set of posts! It's the stupid service I was using. I have now subscribed through that dinky little box on your blog.
And I'm with Melody on the love fest!

Ellen said...

Dinah: (can I call you Diane now?) Oi, lucky for you then my life in the blogosphere has been fairly short. I think I finally get how it all works, I probably should have read a bit more before jumping in (my typical tendency, ah well).

Kim Hambric said...

Is there really an entire book on blogging? Oh, I'm so overwhelmed. Thanks for bestowing such good feelings on your readers.

P.S. I kind of have a thing for Al Gore and stacks of paper,too.

Ellen said...

Kim: A new voice! Thanks for visiting. They are many of us Al Gore/paper stack lovers out there I'm sure.
And not only a book, but google 'dummies and blogging' together and you'll find entire blogs and websites with so much info your head will spin. I haven't actually read much because really I just want to post pictures and blab, the rest is just too technical for me to bother.