Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Little One

My oldest daughter is turning 9 this week. When she was 7, I promised her I would redecorate her room for her 9th birthday. I'm sure that was only 4 weeks ago! (my perception of time frightens me). She wants her room painted bright pink, orange and lime green. I'm devising some kind of eye protection, surely my retinas will burn during this project.

She also has this new chair which she has decided to live in for the past 2 days.

As she rolled down the hall, she shouted,"Look mom! I never have to use my legs again. I can just wheel EVERYWHERE!"

I may have to install a safety bar beside the toilet after her legs atrophy.

I chose the above baby picture because it's cute (but as her mother I'm sure I can objectively say every picture of her is just so cute and beautiful) and, doesn't her sun hat put on backwards make her look like a baby Storm Tropper? Appropriate as dad is a bit of a Star Wars fanatic. And related to this, here is someone who had put their Storm Tropper collection to good comedic use.

Now I'm off to bed to get ready for that big painting project tomorrow. G'night


Caroline said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!

And yes she does look wonderful cute here but I hope her pink chair phase wears off before all your floors wear out!

Melody said...

She is just adorable Ellen. Wow, time does go by quickly doesn't it? Regarding the room colour. When my oldest was 10 she begged me to paint her room lime green. Trying to be the "likeable" mom I said yes thinking "it's her room". I always hated that colour. Last year she came to me begging me to paint her room again...a colour she said that isn't too hard on the eyes. Oh, what a difference a few years makes. Good luck!

Ellen said...

Caroline: she's still rolling along, but she's going indoor rock climbing tomorrow, that should break the allure of the pink chair.

Melody: It is the lime green that I have trouble with too. I did get her approval to go for a softer lime green. You're a nicer mom than me, I lay on the old babushka routine if I get too much protesting, "Don't complain, at least you don't have to share a room with two older sisters and sleep on a fold out foam chair bed like I did" -(all true! my sister named my bed, "the pit")

BlueJude said...

The chair thing is too funny! I love the painting below...BEAUTIFUL!! And yes...time sure does slip away. My little one just turned 6! Happy Tuesday...hope you're havin a great week.