Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blogging Intermission

My sleepy, uneventful summer suddenly became busy with a camping vacation and lots of outdoor day trips around Vancouver. The computer was mostly forgotten. I'm still not quite 'back' mentally, so forgive me for all the unanswered emails or blogs I haven't visited lately.

Yesterday I was back at White Rock. The air was balmy and the ocean felt like bath water, it was so relaxing. I realize I've become pretty attached to this place. Now if I just had about a million dollars, I could buy myself a little ocean front condo to breath in this air every weekend.

I spotted this 'dog' walking by with it's owner.

It may not be so recognizable in this picture, but seeing him in person you can tell this dog is mostly a wolf. I stopped the owner to ask for sure and she said he was a rescued dog and yes, mostly wolf, a little bit husky. When I asked to take a picture, she noticed the book I was reading about crows and ravens and said it was a great book. She happens to be a zoologist and had read the book. Ravens and wolves have always been associated with each other as the ravens follow wolves to get food from a successful wolf hunt. A chance meeting with a zoologist and her pet 'wolf' who has read the same obscure book on crows and ravens as I had in my hand, it gave me some kind of fleeting 'geek' high. Sometimes it's a small, synchronous, connected little world in which we live.

I also noticed this shoe along the shoreline, luckily no foot inside.


my croft said...

That obscure book you're so coy about not naming wouldn;t be one of Bernd Heinrich's books, would it?

self taught artist said...

beautiful animal...
and love the shoe, I'm always
finding shoes and gloves (of course you know I bring them home).
it's cool to see your 'eye' out there in the world.

Angela Rockett said...

I've been having a bit of a blog intermission myself lately.

What a beautiful canine. And what is it with single shoes? Especially the ones in the middle of the freeway?

Sounds like you're having a nice summer.

Melody said...

Good to see you back. Sounds like your blogging intermission was a good one.
Glad there was "no" foot in the shoe.

katie jane said...

You are so right about life's little synchronicities. Sometimes, when I go to a bookstore looking for a book on a certain subject, I will find THE particular book I need sticking out slightly from the others on the shelf! Go figure.

The dog is neat. We had one that looked just like that one, only in gray.

The shoe seems eerily mysterious, don't you think?

dinahmow said...

Wolves and crows! I'd be on Cloud Nine. That said, I watched a kestrel hunting while I was stopped at road works. Lifted me for the day, that did.

Ellen said...

melanie: no, but his work is often quoted! Not really coyness, more like illiterate, I think my brain is a bit sunburned these days.The book is 'In the Company of Crows and Ravens', I suppose not obscure in the world of ornithologists, etc, but no one I know but me has any interest in reading it. It's a great book tho...

Paula: I completely relate to your urban foraging. I was in Northern Washington a few weeks back and drove by this enormous heap of rusted, scrap metal and immediately thought of you. It was almost apocalyptic looking. I'm sure you could have found some amazing pieces there.

Angela: Single shoes anywhere have a bit of creep factor for me. I think I'm ready for September, there must be something about the fall that makes us want to get busy.

Melody: welcome back too! your photos from the caymans put mine to shame. Glad you had a great time!

Katie:I love seeing synchronicities, makes live a little richer I think.

Dinah: glad to hear it, 'cause that's what's I'm drawing today in your sketchbook!

andrea said...

No foot! How disappointing.

I'm enjoying catching up on your posts. This one resonates as I was at the Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre in Golden just a few days ago. Not only that, I was geeking out at Wild Birds Unlimited yesterday, collecting paraphernalia to attract wild birds into my very own backyard. Once school starts we'll Do Lunch and I can show you my feeders. (That sounded almost risque.)

Ellen said...

Andrea: You're back! (I've been eagerly keeping my eye out for reports on your trip. Where's the post???!!!) Wolf Centre and bird shop? Sounds like my kind of trip. Yep I'm coming over, I've noticed my crow obsession has expanded to a general bird nerdiness, so I'd love to see those (bird) feeders.