Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Art Giveaway

To celebrate my new daily art blog and Etsy store, Luule (online on October 5th), I'm giving away a piece of my original artwork. Just comment on this blog telling me which piece you'd prefer and I'll randomly select a winner and post it on October 5th. As far as my stats tell me, I'm not terribly popular, so your chance of winning is pretty good.

The first choice is the more craftier piece, shown above. It's an original paper mosaic entitled, "By the River". It's 8" x 6" on a mounted wood panel that is 1 1/2" deep, the sides are painted a gloss black and it's wired and ready to be hung. The first one I did sold recently and you can see it here.

The next choice is an original mixed media piece, entitled, "Two". It's comes unframed, on 8"x8" bristol card stock, and is rendered with acrylic, ink and coloured pencil.

These next gems I discovered today are not part of the giveaway, because if I owned them (and I WILL have them!) I would never part with them. Coolest barbies ever! Alfred Hitchcock's, The Bird's Barbie released this year. Those superiorly intelligent crows attacking oblivious Barbie? I'm in metaphor heaven.

and Borg Barbie!


The latter is the perfect toy for me, combining my sci-fi geek tendencies (yes, they exist) with my girly girl aspirations which are somewhere latently buried within me. Christmas is coming early for ME this year, boy oh boy.

I found The Birds Barbie on one of my favourite blogs, The Scary Parent. He's a dad and a published horror writer. You can read his novel Stillwater, which he's posted exclusively on his blog, if you're in the mood for some deep water creepiness.

Don't forget to comment and good luck!


Janet said...

Me!Me! Choose me!


Melody said...

No, pick me instead of Janet. I love "Two". That crazy Bird Barbie had me laughing for 5 mins. Perfect!

Angela Rockett said...

Birds Barbie!!! Awesome! And the social commentary of a Borg Barbie is almost too obvious.

But, anyway, I want the first piece of art so pick me!

andrea said...

Pick me! (I'm clean.) But if I win can I choose later? As usual I can't make up my mind...

I LOVE those Barbies.

kae1crafts said...

Your blog is very interesting. I love the two Barbies - they are both great.

Boy you give a difficult choice as both of your pieces are wonderful but I think "Two" would be my selection. Thanks for selecting me (big grin)

Kae of Kae1Crafts

Sharon said...

I have to say, I hope site traffic comes to a complete stop, increasing my chances of winning the lovely "Two." These Barbies might actually induce my daughter-in-law to lift her ban on having them in the house...

Always a pleasure to visit your blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love By the River!! And your blog is very nice.

Caroline said...

Oh a giveaway what fun!

I'd love to win the first piece please!!!

010 said...

Oo, I love Two. It gives me warm, fuzzy feelings.

Marionette said...

I love "By the River"! It really sets the mood of having fun walking in the rain. Reminds me of my childhood!

Aloha from Kauai!
P.S. Thanks for entering my Blog Give-A-Way as well! Good Luck!

Jean Levert Hood said...

I love By the River!! What a fun give away. Congrats on your new daily art blog! I'm going there next.

Jean Levert Hood

katie jane said...

I like them both, but since I stand to inherit another piece of you original artwork, (via the Travelling Sketchbook) I will waive my ticket at this time.

Love the "Birds" Barbie. Who knew these all existed? Mine came with a black and white striped swimsuit, that's all. I made all her other clothes.

Melanie said...

Great blog! Hilarious Barbies!!! :-)

I would definitely choose the mosaic piece as I loved the mosaic forest when you firs made it! You can enter me in your drawing!!:-)

(a fellow VAST member)

Ellen said...

Thanks everyone for responding. The contest is closed and I've got a winner, just posting it right now.

dinahmow said...

Well, that'll larn me fer goin' on vacation!
Of course, had I been in the draw, I'd have done the Andrea thing.