Monday, September 29, 2008

"I'm sorry Ms. Sereda, the operation was a complete failure"

by Banksy

Disengaging myself from electronic media was harder than I thought. I didn't blog, (ok, still read everyone's and am off to comment after this). I mainly checked my email, tried NOT to surf the web, but the news! the news last week! Unbelievable! I was hypnotized and stuck myself in front of the tv for 3 days. I managed to conduct my own layman study of journalistic propaganda. In conclusion - CNN? simplified rubbish PBS? couldn't pull myself away. The BBC?- who knows, but the British make everything sound important and smart. In the end, my blogging break helped me understand one important thing -

I wish Bill Moyers was my uncle. Then I could visit him over the Christmas holidays, and listen to him brilliantly discuss his experiences talking to some of the most intelligent and interesting people on the planet. But then again, I would feel intimidated and shy because of his great mind and it would be uncomfortable, unless he was the kind of uncle who gave out lots of candy, then it would be okay.


On Oct 1st, I'll be posting the art giveaway contest. Original art, no prints and you get a choice! I feel schmaltzy marketing myself, I'm so very bad at it, but I have been getting excited and inspired by some of the new work I've been doing. As of today, the kinder, gentler me can be found on my new daily art blog . I managed to tackle a few things with the first post, an Illustration Friday drawing and a piece for the traveling sketchbook which has gone into Melanie's book. Katie has posted her contribution to the sketchbook here. I have 2 more to catch up on which I'll get to this week (just reassuring everyone who is participating, they have arrived safely!). I'm also wondering, now that I've separated much of the art from this blog, what this blog will become. A ranting place? Time will tell.

Finally, regardless of whether you love Palin or loathe her, Tina Fey's impersonation is brilliant. If you haven't seen it, watch it, it's hilarious.


Melody said...

That Tina Fey piece on SNL is just priceless. She's got her down to a tee. Glad your back....missed reading your blog.

self taught artist said...

thanks for posting that video, i've heard about it but haven't bothered looking for it.
love the banksy, how hip are YOU!
okay i'm off to check your new blog.

andrea said...

Oh my -- you have been a busy beaver. So productive and two blogs! I've tried. I've failed. I know you'll do better. Been feeling a little like a matryr as I spend so much time in caregiver mode but I know that I've also been lousy about planning my time productively so maybe I should unplug for awhile. I haven't even been paying a lot of attention to the financial debacle in the US so I have no excuse.

katie jane said...

I agree with Melody. This is just priceless. I am undecided about either political candidate and their running mates, but I think this comes close to hitting the nail on the head.

Congrats on the new art blog. This one can be for conversing, maybe?

my croft said...

And Amy Poehler does a wicked cool Katie Couric.

Welcome back, Ms Sereda, you have been missed. Heading over to blog II . . .

Hayden said...

oh my. Tina Fey is too good - wish it weren't so accurate. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.

Ellen said...

Melody- isn't it though? And yep, I'm back and managing to waste oodles of time.

Paula - hip is a word never used for me! Thanks!

Andrea- I already feel the pressure of having both and one daily one. But it's good. Hopefully things will slow down for you and you get some 'me' time in soon. And finally be able to meet me for coffee!

Katie- conversing? yes, that would be good. I'm worried it might release the hounds though, I love nothing more than a good rant and I've suppressed it so far... uh-oh

Melanie - Good to be back and you know, I was thinking I haven't watched any Katie Couric interviews so I wasn't sure how close it was. Amy Poehler is one funny lady though, love that excessive blinking.

Hayden - are you anticipating the debate? Like watching a train wreck?

my croft said...

I loved the barely suppressed incredulity and exasperation in Pohler's version of Couric.

self taught artist said...

i'm ashamed to say i've not really listened to him.
hey, maybe we can get him and warren to travel in a tour bus and go to neighborhoods and talk to people in their homes and slowly but surely educate everyone. ya think?
if you get him, then i want warren for my uncle.