Monday, December 3, 2007

Art out of Garbage

The older I get the more the kid in me comes out. I've been finding my artwork shifting from purely painting to mixed media. Paint is not enough anymore, I want to play with different materials, really get messy and enjoy the sensory experience of using my hands in different ways to create art. One of the most enjoyable art pieces I did recently was for an online show, entitled "Repurposed". All entries were to be made from waste or recycled materials. My own criteria was to use as much non-recyclable material as possible and everything had to come directly from my life. Scavenging my house and neighbourhood for junk and figuring out how to create something cohesive out of garbage was so much fun, it did feel like being a kid again. It brought back those memories when all you had was a toilet paper roll, a milk cartoon, some tape and crayons and you tried to build yourself a plane or a house. I've decided to make a commitment to keep that sense of play alive when I'm creating something and not get bogged down. That joy is really what creating is all about.

You can view a larger description of the piece and the link to the "Repurposed" show here:

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