Saturday, December 15, 2007

Crafty White Trash Clown

Mom commitments. They’re big this time of year. I’ve learned to surrender myself to them and accept I won’t get much else done. For instance, talking to one of my daughters teachers recently, I mentioned I’m an arty type, in which she brightened and asked me if I could come up with a Christmas craft for the class. My brain said, “no, I’m far too busy right now to do to that” as my mouth said, “yes, I’d love too!” Huh…funny how that happens. But my daughter adores her and I’m one of those sad, nosey moms who likes to see how my kids are getting along in class. Saying yes gives me a legitimate excuse to be there as opposed to lingering at the school in a creepy, lonely SAHM way.

I arrived at the class after recovering from a stomach bug, dressed in black and lime green sweatpants and a purple pullover (having been too sick to have done any laundry the day before). I justified my clothes by convincing myself I was sort of dressed like a child’s entertainer, perhaps, a “crafty clown”? as opposed to the disheveled, white trashy looking mom I really appeared. The crafts turned out to be fun chaos. Pounds of glitter were deposited all over the classroom – “sprinkle” and “pour” are interchangeable terms for 6 year olds. Overall, I am glad I said yes when I meant to say no. And really, it is OK if the only art that gets accomplished in my life right now is made mostly with Elmer’s glue and plastic glitter.

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