Thursday, December 27, 2007

BIC Art Movement?

Digression – note to self: must learn more about web graphics so I can properly resize my HUMONGOUS new blog banner!

A friend of mine recently forwarded me the truly inspired reviews for the BIC crystal pen on the site. I believe it’s gaining some cult status. Some of the reviews (search the early ones) are pretty hilarious. It also inspired me to get down to some art making. Since I’m nursing a cold and have no interest in sitting in my chilly studio washing brushes, I’d thought I’d do some ‘BIC art’, a little doodle entitled “Uninspired Cook” (now I have fulfilled my "suburban mom" blog theme obligations). When the ink runs out of your pens, save them to make this chandelier. Or make high-brow conceptual ‘BIC’ art like Herbert Hinteregger or Jan Fabre who as a performance piece locked himself in a room for 72 hours and used a BIC to 'blue' the walls, floors and ceiling and white cubes in the room. If you can’t get enough of BIC art there are a lot of drawings posted on the Ball Point Pen Group, with info on the qualities of making art with different brands of pens. Some want to call it a movement, but I’m a traditionalist and feel some of the best BIC art can be found on vinyl binders by bored Grade 10 students.


andrea said...

Check out this blog for some amazing ballpoint pen drawing. She also has a Flickr account where you can see a lot more.

Angela Rockett said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Ellen. I thought I'd return the favor, and I really like what I see! I'll definitely be coming back.