Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I failed to post last night, nothing I would have written would have been coherent anyway, too little sleep in too many days. When I woke up this morning, I was confronted with my very first email requesting a temporary loan from Nigeria! I have been waiting and waiting for the honour of this scam in all the years I've been online and finally it came. I'm worthy of spam now. I'm SOMEBODY!

Unfortunately, not long after, my computer told me it had deflected an outside viral attack. It did this many times. There was a nano battle occurring right in front of me, so I assisted by using my power of invisibility - disconnecting the internet. Then I felt lost. Because a computer with no web access? What's the point? Free cell? Solitaire? So I wasted time doing that, to prolong the insane amount of things I have planned today. Now I have to get back to all those things.

I have a few posts planned for the December Challenge. But I'd like to use one my lifelines please. I'm asking YOU, reader, for ideas. Anyone? Keep in mind, I'm not above personal humiliation right now (to a degree). Topics that are off limits are: automobile things (because nothing bores me more) and team sports (same reason) and that's it, anyone?


Melody said...

ok how about......what do you enjoy doing...what puts your in the moment more than anything

what are you reading...what do you recommend
favourite art work that hangs in your home and why

what does your studio look like? How much time are you able to spend in there on a daily basis
What are you working on now?

Lots of questions...some may be sappy. I apologize for the "in the moment" thing but hey, I'm a sap at heart

dinahmow said...

You're asking me for ideas? Moi? The world's champion procrastinator?
Honestly, I'd like to be helpful, but I've got a moth-eaten manuscript demanding attention...

Caroline said...

Oh oh attacks are never nice... I hope and trust your computer has survived unscathed.

Ideas for posts?

Can you recall jokes - any? (I can only remember about 2 and they are both childish...)

What about quotations or poems - any good at those? If so what are your favourite. (I'm a complete dud here - spoilt any chance I had of being an actress ;-)

What would your ideal house be like if there were no financial or other practical constraints?

Is there something you avoid doing - just how creative do you get in avoiding it?

What would you like to know about someone else? - you could start a meme asking it.

Ellen said...

Melody, Caroline, Dinah: Thanks everyone, great ideas! They triggered lots of thoughts, included you Dinah (regarding moth eaten manuscripts)

And Mel 'in the moment' isn't sappy at all. My goal is to have at least one 'in the moment' periods everyday. Doesn't always work, but when it does I can call it a good day.