Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm never going to use You Tube again

****update****This post originally had a You Tube ad on it. It disappeared this morning, so I went to find another version of it and updated it. What I didn't check was that the updated version was embellished with lewd and completely humourless subtitles. OOPS!And that is THE last time I will ever embed a video again. Maybe. So in all, I apologize if you received that video in your email box or reader. This blogging challenge is proving stressful. Puppies, I should just blog about rainbows and puppies. Moving on then...

I'd like to make a correction to this post, in which I shared the slinky toy commercial from my childhood and said I didn't think they made metal slinkies anymore. I was wrong.


Yep, my anti-consumerist rant backfired. My kids saw the commercial and whined for a slinky.

Last week while clothes shopping, my kids' paranormal toy sniffing gift led them to find a couple of slinkies hidden in the back of a high shelf in the toy section. After getting the slinkies home, the excitement didn't last long though. That old commercial is all lies. You need a physicist to calculate the exact arc, position and speed to get those babies to make it down more than 2 stairs. And I didn't cheap out on them when buying them either! I just noticed my receipt reads, "Slinky - DELUXE". If you look closely at the picture maybe you can spot the upgrades or special features I missed.


my croft said...

I remember weeping hot furious frustrated tears at the failure of my Slinky to negotite the stairs. I was sure it was something wrong with me, since the commercial made it look so easy.
What a great effect from a child's toy -- eh? It was almost as damaging as being in school.

self taught artist said...

i seem to recall doing something with slinkys...lke throwing them while holding on to the ends and watching them snap out...i was vicious with my slinky because we had carpeted stairs and they never worked.
i find it incredible in this day and age your children would want them!

katie jane said...

Gee, maybe we had a different Slinky, because we had it going down bunches of stairs when I was a kid. Maybe they only like rough wood stairs. In any case, you're right, the interest doesn't last long.

Ellen said...

Melanie: Sorry for your pain, if it's any compensation, it frustrated me to no end as well and all from a spirally piece of metal. It really doesn't do much.

Paul: Kids want them, kids want everything. But they petered out on them faster than I did, because of course, we didn't have Nintendo back then and slinky is well, just a spring.

Katie: Oh, stop bragging:) We tried on smooth surfaces too, I think you're just gifted.

dinahmow said...

I never had a slinky. *sniff* I don't think they'd been thought of (one can hardly say *invented*) then.
Now I'll have to look for one. What is supposed to be/do?

Ellen said...

Dinah: Slinky should start cutting me a cheque for all this promotion. And nothing, it does nothing.