Thursday, December 4, 2008

Suburban Tales and some Art....

My heroism was put to a test today. While out on errands I came across a scene of a security guard pinning down and trying to handcuff a struggling man. The man's hysterical girlfriend was screaming at the security guard. Then she lunged at the guard, so I sprang into action. After determining the man was securely handcuffed and concluding the woman was unarmed, scrawny and probably weak, I said to her, "Hey, don't do that". I don't think she heard me though, because by that time, I was blocked by the 2 people who had already pulled her off the security guard. Then a calm onlooker said to the woman, "You're making a scene you know," as if the whole thing in sleepy, middle class suburbia wasn't already a scene. But I could leave, reassured my work was done.

My poor reaction time is no doubt from staying up too late again. If anyone knows a good technique from switching from a night owl to a morning person, I'd be ever so grateful. I knew I was especially tired today, because I glanced at my wall calender and misread December 8th as Hajj (Muslims pilgrimage to Mexico) and didn't question it, just thought "why the venue change?" Oy. It's been quite a day. Tomorrow, I'm in the studio, painting and listening to soothing music ALL DAY.

I feel a need to be at least a little useful and to make up for my humiliation for accidentally posting an altered version of the kitschy 80's Soviet ground beef commercial I originally meant to show. If you didn't see it (and I'm hoping that's EVERYBODY), some twat thought it was oh-so-clever to subtitle the ad with juvenile references to male appendages and the like. Sheesh. So, for you artists and those interested, here are some links and resources for films and videos relating to art/artists .

The PBS series Art:21: Art in the 21st Century is a fascinating program on current contemporary artists and the direction of contemporary art. On the website you can watch show previews, bios of all the artists featured and related links to them. If you can catch it when it airs, it's definitely worth watching.

Saatchi Online TV has a little bit of everything. Mostly low tech weblog info on artists, visits to artist studios, galleries, etc. And if like me, you're miles away from an art scene, you can live vicariously through this site. There are a few short films and film previews. This preview of a documentary on artist Alice Neel by her grandson Andrew Neel fascinated me. Her unconventional and tragic life and her art are explored in this film. Certainly an artist I want to know more about.

I have more links but since I'm blogging everyday this month, I need to ration. Until tomorrow my good people...


self taught artist said...

i just woke up and i think i'm seeing things reading this post...bizarro world.
okay. paint...stay away from places that need security guards.
dont worry i didnt catch that video.
i was going to post that this sunday on the sundance channel there is an art movie with john malcovich...
my head is scattered and i'm trying to stay OFF the computer today so see ya tomorrow

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my croft said...

I think Alice Neel is on her way to becoming the new Georgia O'Keeffe -- I mean that in a good way.

Your reaction time isn't slow -- all these hours later, I'd still be wondering if I should have said or done something. Life in life isn't like life in a movie. In general, in nonmovie life, people freeze. Which is way police and military personnel have to be rigorously trained to intervene.

I think I may start keeping a list of these word verifications. Some them are wonderfully evocative -- nocensca

Ellen said...

Paula- Is that John Malcovich art movie possibly Klimt? Because damn, there goes one post idea I wanted to blog about how absolutely atrocious it was.

Hope you're having a good old fashioned, art making day and if your reading this anytime soon after I've written it, GET OFF THE COMPUTER NOW!!! Just trying to help:)

Melanie: Alice Neel does sound so interesting. I'm really hoping that film will make it to DVD.
Oddly enough, I usually am quick to respond and stupidly fearless about intervening (I have the scars to prove it), but not yesterday. Since I don't live in big city and there's something about the west here where people are involved in their communities and actually CARE and HELP others. Weird huh?

dinahmow said...

How weird...I was trawling through Wikipedia(not always to be trusted!)for something else and was side-tracked by mention of Neel.*sigh* There's another book added to the pile...
And are you telling me there's a film about Gustav Klimt? That man is so deeply etched in my mind I cannot think of anyone in Hollywood I want to see as him.Anthony Quinn might have done him justice, but then, I was always weak-kneed for him!

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Ellen said...

Dinah: Yes, John Malcovich plays Klimt, it was recently released on DVD. It claims to be a biopic, but really it seems like a failed arty attempt show him slowly falling into madness from syphilis. I didn't even get it. Just hasn't been many good movies of late 19th-early 20th century artists. And a lot have been made.