Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Blogaversary from the Land of Crisis

Who says Canada is boring. Our current government has a real possibility of being overthrown. Yet in typical Canadian style it involves a lot of paperwork and very dull characters. I'm disgusted with every one of them. None of them represent me anymore. I've also discovered our Governor General is rushing home from Prague (sort of rushing... on Wednesday) to attempt to sort out the matter. She is the personal representative of the Queen. The Queen of England. The woman who is our head of state but has no other purpose in our country other than having her head decorate our money.

However, I'm not going to let the matter get me down because today is my one year anniversary in the world of blogging! And so even though I'm a terrible party planner, I'm going to throw a virtual party.

First, a celebratory cake.This was tough, because when googling "existentialists cakes" you get nothing, and that's what I really want pastry wise. But this is even better! Picasso's Woman with Crow by artist Jean L. Zaun, not a cake but all chocolate, including the frame. Yum.

For wiping off the chocolate, you must use these, retro stressed mom napkins available at Mikwright. They read, "where the hell is my pickle fork? i can't have anything nice with you kids" I love them.

During the party we can play a giant game of scrabble like this one played at Wembley Stadium in London.

Later we can sit and put our feet up wearing these bird seed shoes and see who can attract the most birds.

Hmmm...I even give bad pretend parties.

But it's been a good year here. To all those who read this blog and to those who comment, I'd just like to say I couldn't ask for more intelligent, beautiful, perceptive, interesting, wise, articulate and overall super duper fabulous total strangers come into my life, who now... feel like friends. Cheers!


Kim Hambric said...

Congratulations! Love those birdseed shoes.

To celebrate, I'm going to have some real cheesecake. I'm just gonna go to the fridge and stick a fork in it, eat what I want, then put the cheesecake back.

Man, my family hates when I do that.

Here's to another year of great blogging.

Vern Schwarz said...

Let me be the first to wish you a happy blogaversary. Did I spell that right? There are a whole bunch o' red dots under blogaversary right now. Whoa there they are again. You are out there lady and I'm glad I stumbled across your pain rain. Maybe I can help with the tooth and sinus things. Try some oil of oregano. I avoided a nasty root canal using that snake oil. It really works. I can hardly wait to get back and read some more of your blog, it's hilarious. And maybe check out some of your paintings. You do paint... right? Oops too late, make that the second. Damn you Kim whoever you are. LOL

andrea said...

Happy anniversary! You'd better cut me off now because that lampshade of yours is starting to look mighty inviting. Fire up the karaoke machine, my good woman!

self taught artist said...

happy blogaversary!
looking forward to more (maybe someone will come up with an existential cake by the next year)

my croft said...

I love your party! Especially the custom seeded slippers and feathered party crashers. COngrats on your perseverance.

Just between us (no one's listening --right?) I'm going to try for the one-a-day posting through December. Persistence is not what I do best-- but I should be able to to think of 31 (now 29) itty-bitty posts, if I don't make it into some Big Thing That Must Be Done with Exceptional Panache. Just maunder on about nothing, I think I could handle that.

And what is up with that slow-motion revolution in your Parliment?

dinahmow said...

Well, being a corvid-lover, I probably wouldn't eat that chocolate.
Sporran likes the slippers!

Keep it comin', Ellen!

(And I heard you ,Melanie!)

Ellen said...

Kim: I have only healthy food in the house now, so your cheesecake sounds so much better than my virtual sweets. Eating leftover cake straight from the fridge? Why dirty a plate?

Vern: Thanks and thanks for visiting! I think blogaversary will eventually make it's way into the Oxford dictionary. And I've heard about oil of Oregano, snake oil here I come. Thanks!

Yes I do paint, ugh, not nearly as much as I'd like.

Andrea: I called you a cab. I should have never got that Neil Young karaoke CD, my ears are ringing and your throat must be sore:)

Paula: I couldn't even imagine what an existentialist cake would look like. I should have tried googling anarchist. There just isn't enough ideological cakes around.

Melanie: I've just subscribed to your blog on Bloglines now, so I won't miss a post! I imagine by the end of the month I'll be posting about my daughter's hamster and what socks I'm wearing. Meh, what can you do, it's a complete discipline thing for me anyway.

And our gov't, it's insane! The liberal parties have merged to get rid of the conservative party in power. Sickening self interest on all sides. To have anything interesting happen in Canada? The last place in the world for political drama, that must mean the whole world is going down.

Dinah: I love those corvids too, but much better than eating the incredibly life-like newborn baby cakes I found online. That's just wrong.