Monday, December 1, 2008

The Blogging Challenge

I found this brooch I made when I was about 20. I created wood painted jewelry and sold it occasionally . I had enough sympathy sales from friends and family that I was able to pay for a month's rent or was it rye and cokes? Memory eludes me.

At the time I thought I was basing this image on Edvard Munch's The Scream. What I didn't realize, was in fact, I was painting a pretty accurate self portrait of me in the future, specifically last week.

Three points and I'm not going to harp on them, but quickly just imagine:
1. arthritis in your cheekbone
2. toothache
3. sinus infection


The other annoying thing I won't do is what every woman who has given birth does when she experiences strong pain in her life is to use the childbirth scale. On a scale of one to ten, how bad was it in comparison to childbirth, that sort of thing. Irritating. was a seven, sometimes 8 1/2 and with no cute, cuddly baby reward at the end.

I'm much better now. So better in fact when I read about the blogging everyday for a month challenge, I thought I'd participate. It was for November, but I see others are starting one for December, so I'm signing up. Yes, it's December, the worst month to start. Christmas Day will probably have nothing but a YouTube video of the burning Yule log, but I'm going to give it a go.

Be prepared for creative spelling, big grammatical errors (even more so than usual) and pointless ramblings (even more so than usual). Possibly even some intense personal disclosures, simply for lack of better ideas. Anybody else want to take the challenge?


Mommy2dustysky said...

cool blog, I found you on NaBloPoMo .. lets hope we can both do it all month :)

andrea said...

Me? Not on your life! You're either brave or nuts. But then again you have just been through an ordeal and maybe want to push yourself just a LITTLE harder. (And just reading rye and coke makes my teeth hurt so maybe it's just your bad karma, seriosuly delayed.)

katie jane said...

I'm looking forward to it. Love the little pin. I think it represents all of our "future selves". Sorry about your pain. I have no children, so I will compare it to urinary tract infection. Baaaad.
'Nother sketchbook coming your way this week.

self taught artist said...

i for one cannot wait then, your blog posts are always worthy of my time!
i like that brooch...sorry though you have shown it as it to relates to current physical stats.

my croft said...

howzabout if we pick a month with fewer days -- maybe February? But seriously, I'll look forward to reading your posts -- because I always enjoy them and always look forward to a new one.

So sorry to hear your head has been paining you. I hate head pain more than almost any other. I hope you're on the mend.

Ellen said...

Mommy2: It's too bad it's not like TV, then we could put up some old posts like TV reruns during Christmas holidays.

Andrea: I think I am developing masochistic tendencies these days. Since I failed on my daily (ack!)art blog, I think I can handle this. Blabbing is easy, fiddling with photos and lots of links is the real time monster. have Rudy! Lucky you!(can I be Rudy's friend too?)

Katie: Oooo, you reminded me to drink my cranberry juice. Another sketchbook! We must be approaching the end soon.

Paula: thanks and I know your time is full these days! Christmas sales, yay!

Melanie: February in leap year. If I start to completely lose it and talk about what I read on tabloid covers at the grocery checkout, please scold me severely. I'm hoping this little experiment will stop me feeling anxious about everything I write (which I have been lately) and let me just get into a routine, relax and have fun.

deb said...

feeling your pain... found you through Paula's blog, and as I broke my nose in a bar fight during my whisky days I get killer sinus infections, I also Have TMJ which means my jaw locks painfully sometimes... so I hope that you are feeling improved!! Art and motherhood is a tough combo!!

Ellen said...

Deb: Owww, you understand then! My arthritis is also from neglected TMJ, I get the locking jaw too. But overall feeling MUCH better thanks.