Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ocean Music - WIP

I sold a few things in my Etsy store and thought I really need to start adding more pieces. I'll be adding this little painting shortly. This is my daughter, who actually has started enjoying posing for me, so I'm taking advantage of it. I'm reworking this piece, trying to determine what I want for the background. I'm thinking the suggestion of a beach at night and cityscape in the distance. Basically Vancouver, which is where I spent the entire day today.

I would post some of my pictures of my escape from suburbia into the big city, but when I downloaded them, they were all blurry, except for this one...

I've never seen this picture before. It was no doubt, taken by one of my daughters, who DO understand technology better than me. This is my poor, old dog. It's the holidays and time to humiliate the pets. Gently placed hats allowed, garland and lights, no.

Forgive me, we had our weekly family movie night and today's screening was, Fred Claus. I'm still recovering. So I'll leave with a beautiful singer, Lior and his wonderful video done with silhouette marionettes. And yes, I've made peace with YouTube.


andrea said...

You're doing great with the daily blogging thing. I can't even muster up a single post right now. Gaaa. And I knew this work would do well on Etsy so congrats.

Ellen said...

Thanks. And you have a lot going on, so give yourself a break.

I'm waning though, pleeease, topics? How do people do this everyday? I need some new ideas (that are easy of course...)

Caroline said...

I missed this before - my catch up on blogs is rather spotty, sorry.

That hat is the one that Jim has just insisted on buying - its miles too big for Teasel and now he thinks it suite me - argh!