Thursday, November 5, 2009

Big Hair and Junk Art

The wind is savagely blowing outside. Part of our new fence has blown down and now the power is threatening to go out so I'm making this short.

I really like this song, Myriad Harbour by The New Pornographers. The animated video is deliciously trippy, a graphic style similar to so much art I've been seeing these past few years, promoted on this art blog. And c'mon, little people running out of giant hair? - who doesn't love that!

This one is for Paula. Found object artist, Leo Sewell, makes tight, recognizable forms out of junk. Love it.


self taught artist said...

good grief!!! you keep finding art that blows my mind how can i live up to this!?!?
hey i hope you didn't blow away....

Ellen said...

he only welds outdoor installations. Wood, plastic and metal, just bent and screwed together. That's it, Voila! No welding! That's GOOD inspiration!