Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Shopping

Most of you know Andrea. If you don't, go look at her website to see what a talented (and prolific!) artist she is. She was a good sport and let me take a picture today. This is a good angle for me, because she's so tall and leggy, when she sits down I don't feel like an albino smurf anymore.

There is no one I'd rather go art supply shopping and having a chat with over coffee than her. Since time is always limited when we meet, we usually have coffee in the IGA by the art store. There must be a nursing home close by because it takes a little maneuvering to weave through the walkers and wheelchairs of the elderly patrons to get a seat. Before leaving, I bought a few things. While waiting in line at the checkout, I heard the woman beside me say, "You go before me dear, you only have two things and you're on your grave". Wha...?! Whoa! It turned out she was talking to a young employee and actually said, "on your BREAK". The sinister power of suggestion. On the way home I also came across a stunning old hearse for sale that I would love to own for inexplicable reasons.

By the time I got home, my usually logical, sensible self was a smidgen disturbed by these macabre coincidences. Luckily the only grim occurrence was the death of a dog bed by my bored puppy. That's my older dog in the picture, no doubt weary from the constant spastic attentions of the puppy.

I'm showing you this picture because this little room is off my studio and will soon be a tiny in-home gallery for my work. A clever ploy really. The green pillow guts of this before picture will make the after picture with my art look that much better.

Now I need to really crack that art making whip. I bought a 36"x36" cradled birch panel today. I went to the art store to just look at it, but Andrea messed with my head,
Andrea: Do you have something planned for that or just want it?
Me: uh....um....both (I just wanted it)
Andrea: buy it. Buy another one.
See what she did? By suggesting I buy two, I felt justified to buy one and proud of my self control. She's a clever one. Then I bought brushes and paint and more canvas and oh god, it was like coming out of an AA meeting and heading straight for the liquor store. And it was WONDERFUL!
Time to go gesso that panel. For inspiration and to sooth your weary head from my daily ramblings, take a look at these stunning photographs of paint mixing with water from This Blog Rules. Gorgeous pictures and a blog where I guarantee you'll be wasting oodles of your time.


dinahmow said...

Ah-ha...so that's why she hasn't answered my email!
What would art-shopping be like with you two? Me, with a paper lust (and possibly some inks) and you with your acrylics and oils and canvases. Gottinhimmel! The store manager would be salivating!

is elestenb an Estonian word? If so, I'm boycotting all future word verifs!)

Melody said...

Your a brave one you are...posting everyday????? Not to mention that each and every post is great.
I'm boo whoing today about the fact that I didn't get to go to the art store with you and Andrea..not to mention the IGA. There's a rumour that your both starting up an artist colony and I'm first on the list to be invited.....wishful thinking on my part....

Angela Wales Rockett said...

I have got to figure out how to join the two of you sometime.

I know what you mean about buying art supplies though. Starting a new medium entirely let me really indulge in my addiction!

andrea said...

The big problem is that we live a fair distance from each other so I find myself babbling like a hummingbird on crack, trying to cram as much as possible into the short time we have. Move closer!

I see a hearse as being a really logical alternative to the ubiquitous and politically incorrect SUV. You know you want it. Go ahead. Buy two! (But give me one.)

PS I think the old people are influencing me. I look like I'm an old lady clutching something precious (like a snot rag) in my little claw-like fist.

Ellen said...

Dinah, elesten does sound very Estonian, but not a word I know. And, they have some gorgeous handmade papers at our art store. Come, join us!

Mel- stupid more than brave but thanks. As for the artist colony, we just need about 2 million dollars. And we'll have horses, chickens and the finest wine and chocolate in all the land!

Angela- hey were we not supposed to get our butts down to see you? We should. Last time i did encaustics, you had to buy pure pigment and a chunk of beeswax. I noticed all the premade encaustic paint now. I'm cut off, but it'd be like a kid in candy store. Good luck with exploring them, seems like a perfect fit to me.

Andrea- You DO NOT look like an old lady, gee whiz, you look like a kid! You need to move out here...there are horses everywhere and horse trails like 5 minutes away from me and, and....well, that's really about it actually. Hmmm, an artist colony in West Van sounds just about right. Just increased the price tag about a million though.