Monday, November 16, 2009

Grey Days

acrylic, pen, pencil and thread

Yes, I missed a day. I suppose I could have pushed out a post before midnight last night, but I didn't have the energy. Notice the verb- push, like in birth. It's as though I've been giving birth to marginally liked children every friggin' day for 2 weeks. Ah, but is that not the path of any pursuit? enthusiasm in the beginning, then a plateau of boredom and waning energy which you have to work through?

Yesterday, I finished the piece above. Actually, now that I see it up here, some things are bothering me and I have a few things I'm going to add. The woman is my sister in law. I finally have gotten to a point where I'm comfortable using images of people around me in my artwork without having it necessarily reflect anything about that person. I'm sure my colour choices have been somewhat influenced by all the torrential rain and wind we're having. It's horrible. Everything has been cast with grey lately. There's a heavy, sick dampness in the air. Wait, am I REALLY talking about the weather? I thought only old people did that. Oh dear. I WILL try to do better tomorrow.


dinahmow said...

Your sister in law looks as if she feels the same about her weather!

Ellen said...

the photo I used she was actually at a beautiful cottage with mountains and the Pacific behind her. Poor her, i changed it to my reality.