Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

I blame it on the date. I got nuthin'. Over halfway through this month, I thought I'd be fizzling out with this daily posting, but already I'm in a blogging funk.

Part of the problem is that while researching interesting finds to post here, I became over saturated by the cleverness screaming out for attention on the interwebs. I found detailed pictures rendered on dirty windshields, pac man can art and lovely jewelry made of sugar crystals,(which I really do like). There is also icky ad campaigns of villages made entirely of meat (vegans, close your eyes). Soon I wanted to get away from the computer completely, get back into my nice, clean studio and work with good old fashioned art materials. And I wanted to be entirely non-verbal. Also, reading about Marilyn Manson's highly profitable art show several years ago of watercolours and a few mixed media pieces selling in a range of $1000-$55000 made me (jealous?) grumpy.

Sometime today, I ended up watching a video clip of comedy where both characters, the dufus and pretentious snob, perfectly reflect where my head is at today. I love this program. It's ridiculously creative, stream of consciousness comedy where all the sketches weave together in every episode. From Mr. Show -


self taught artist said...

i know what you mean ellen...the less i look the better. it is alot, all that out there and gotsta filter or else lose mind!

Kim Hambric said...

Oh, Goody. Now I've learned about a new show! Just what I need. Perhaps I should go out and buy a mini Victrola. Or I could just become a freak like Marilyn Manson so I could get some artwork to move out of my house. My mission today is to purchase some black lipstick.

And, to put the cherry on the top of today's mountain of technology, my comment will come in underneath a huge spam "comment."

Ellen said...

Paula- I found about 4 art/design blogs that were interesting to look at(cool furniture too!) but it started feeling like empty noise at the end of the day. Today I'm walking in the mountains with my camera and finishing a piece of art and just getting away from this beasty technology. (of course that's all after i check my facebook:)

Kim- Are you going to get a white contact lense too? kewl. You should, be extreme, then even those squares of excess fabric you want to get rid of will fetch a nice price because everyone would just want a piece of you.

(ha, I know, stupid spam)

andrea said...

I was just thinking how well you've been doing, too -- almost halfway there! You're doing gerat BTW -- your daily posts are way more entertaining than those by people who 'save up'. (And it's not just the codeine talking.)

I was/am really grumpy, reading about MM command huge prices for work he can't bear to part with made me grumpier, but the video clip helped a lot. Thanks! (Going back to my TV now but not before I send a slave out for donuts.)

Ellen said...

Thanks for the encouragement Andrea, it's just what I needed to hear. And I don't even care if it IS the codeine talking:)
Rest up and get that back better!