Monday, November 2, 2009

Fishies and Birdies and Kinetic Waves

It's day 2 of the post everyday challenge. I have had so little sleep I'm in danger of OVER SHARING. I'm blaming this state on the caffeine in the excessive amount of leftover Halloween chocolate I ate yesterday. Today I've been cleansing myself with salad and plain oatmeal and perhaps some.....

One of the wonders around my suburban wasteland is the salmon spawning in the fall. I'm too lazy to write out the facts properly, but basically salmon come back from the Pacific every year to swim upstream through the Fraser River to the same smaller streams and rivers where they were born. They have sex, lay eggs and maybe die. Sort of in that order.

We have a family tradition of going to Harrison Bay every year and witnessing this exciting event. All children need to observe nature, the cycle of life and especially, poke at dead things.

When the salmon arrive, so do the bald eagles to feast on them. The third largest gathering of bald eagles in North America this time of year can be found in my area. I had to stop to take a picture of the people who had to stop to take a picture of a lone eagle in a tree.

This one was taken before my new (awesome!) camera so I'll be exploring this week to hopefully capture some telephoto images. The bird nerd in me is doing a happy spazzy dance. The Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival Blog has current pictures of the area and the birds right now. I was thinking of taking a river tour, but boats and waves make me queasy. But these waves I LOVE, take a look at the stunning kinetic sculptures made by artist Reuben Margolin. Simply amazing.


andrea pratt said...

Wow -- that eagle gawking photo is awesomely beautiful in a soft, pastel, totally happy drugs sort of way.

self taught artist said...

love the fish photo but the tree's are stunning! great post, woke me right up. off to see your video. i like the ellen posts every day :)

Ellen said...

Thanks guy, that picture was actually awful, dark and really monochromatic. I digitally played with it, but don't remember how I improved it to do it again! shucks. I need to learn Photoshop.

Melody said...

I agree, the photo with the eagle is stunningly beautiful