Monday, November 9, 2009


I knew I wasn't the first one to notice there appears to be Jesus fish in Lucky Charms cereal. So, with a simple google search, I found myself browsing through some entertaining and ridiculous discussions regarding the symbolism of the marshmallow and cereal shapes. Noted were: pagan references of moon and stars, the marshmallow rainbow of gay rights, Irish Catholic Leprechauns and Yoni's. TPN, whoever you are, you win with, "they're magically religious!". I believe the shape is a fish for fish's sake.

If I was the agnostic, liberal equivalent with the same degree of opportunist crazy like Glenn Beck, I would be able to rant on my own show how General Foods have their own insidious agenda of using the Jesus fish symbol to convert the wee ones to the religious right. Much the same way Glenn Beck ranted against the communist symbolism in American architecture during the gilded age. It's all too bizarre to even make sense, with the usual insult to historical accuracy and to...brains. You can watch the nonsense here (if you really want) . New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz challenged Glenn Beck to curate his own art show. All tongue in cheek, yet if Glenn Beck did curate a show with a big venue, I have no doubt that it would be a financial success, bringing in both those who despise (but are curious, like watching a train wreck) and those who support him. Would that make a mockery of art? Does it matter? It is all so tapsalteerie*.

*You may all blame Dinah for the obscure word.


dinahmow said...

Ah, you probably googled it anyway! But thanks. (I have more...)

Ellen said...

I had to google it! My Scottish vocabulary is fairly limited. A good word though and I plan to annoy everybody by using it in sentences whenever I can.

andrea said...

I should've known. At first glance I thought it was a dyslexic derivative of 'saltpeter'.

PS I made a blog post just for you.

Ellen said...

Saw it, oh you funny girl. Right now, I'm just writing a how-to for demonstrating acrylic medium by painting Bob Ross on a steampunk airship. I may even throw in Britney Spears. Then....we'll compare.