Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Bob Ross Song and a Tribute to the Other Bob

A fun and catchy little tune, "Why I Don't Paint People"
(@ Andrea, oh no you don't! I'm keeping my crown)

My art teacher through most of high school was also named Bob. He had the same laid back, kind nature as Bob Ross. However, happy, painted trees wasn't his forté. He made environmental art pieces, including giant balloons that floated on rivers and metal rods that sang in the wind. At the time, I thought it was pretentious, now I think it's great.

I've been cleaning my studio and purging old art from my life for the past 2 days. I have a small truckload of canvasses that are going to the dump. Also going are a few boxes of sketches, reference pictures and inspiration photos that are no longer inspiring. Here's a peek into my cleaner studio.

There is some terrible old art I found today that I'll never throw out. My high school sketchbooks from Bob's class are atrocious, but I love them. My progression from fluffy fashion teen to angsty emo girl can be seen in these books. Yet, Bob's comments were always so enthusiastic and kind. He encouraged his students to explore all their creative whims.He lent me his expensive camera and paid for making slides of my photos for a silly installation project I wanted to do. And when the back of the art class burned down, most likely because of me and the old Christmas lights I used in my over the top, anti-war diorama, he expressed no anger, just sincere sympathy that my passionate project was ruined. He was so understated I don't think he received the appreciation he deserved from the self absorbed teens he taught. Certainly not from me.

I would love to say thank you to him now. But he's passed on. So, wherever you are Bob M., thanks for being such a sweet, caring teacher. Rock on with your singing rods and floating sculptures and of course, sorry for setting the school on fire.


andrea said...

That video was gnarlie. And I love your tribute to your own Bob. He was the anti Miss R (my own high school teacher) who taught me early lessons in cynicism and ditching your ideals to get an A and get out. And your studio looks really great! Is it stimulating tons of new ideas?

Back to my sofa and painkillers. I overdid it yesterday and am paying big time today.

PS So far I'm a dud in the Google race. I concede. I'm thinking up new ploys, like blog posts entitled "The art of Britney's Boobs" or some such.

dinahmow said...

You set fire to your school? Oh, man! That is so hip (as we said in the olden days).We had a kid at high school who managed a rather smelly explosion that damaged the chem.lab.ceiling, but that was about it...
And now that your studio is so neat how about doing mine? Pretty please. With sprinkles...

why is word verif ginhoar. (Vicus probably has a suggestion!)

Ellen said...

Andrea- good Miss R didn't influence away from pursuing art.
I really love the energy in my studio and I really want to spent more time in there than on here now. If you'd like you can give me 'I told you so' about this far too time consuming stupid blog business.
Hope you're feeling more upright soon.

Dinah- the fire cause was never confirmed. I had thin gauzy fabric over those old, opaque Christmas lights (the ones that got super hot fast). Some kids were playing with my diorama after school and left it on, the fire started in that spot that night.... sooooo... oh well. I'm disappointed my popularity didn't rise after that, maybe because the school stayed open.
Ginhoar is my favourite wv so far!