Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Future Architect

Since I'm busy working on art pieces, which I hope to show you soon, I'll pass you over to my daughters at age 2 and age 4 to demonstrate some painting and crafting techniques. All the super cute stuff had to be edited out because my husband was in those scenes and wants none of this internet publicity. And I admit, maybe home movies should stay in the home, but I couldn't resist because it's my youngest daughter's birthday today! Her superb talent wasn't evident at the tender age of 2, but she's been using perspective and drawing 3D elements since Kindergarten, without anyone teaching her!!! Now, I'm busily researching the best universities for architecture in the country. What? You think that's too much pressure? It's even more miraculous since her mother's spatial sense and depth perception is so bad she's smashed up 3 cars while trying to park. (ahem, the beginning of oversharing has begun....). Until tomorrow, my friends...



andrea said...

To hell with the oversharing -- more home movies please! I had to watch this twice. Girls are so much chattier than boys! (and did your young architect wear another impromptu hat today?)

Ellen said...

ah, don't tempt me, that would be sooooo easy, home movie clips every day for the rest of the month. Yes, girls are chatty, I remember when my sister came to visit for a week when my oldest was 3 and said about her, 'that girl NEVER stops talking, EVER'
(and thanks for commenting, it's getting lonely here!)